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Fine Arts, Slavery and Family Planning

Posted on: February 17, 2015


 Being a humble Muslim I feel my duty to clarify to the best of my knowledge, the confusion and misconception about Islam in other religions and societies.

I am not very religious or a practicing Muslim or scholar. Neither have I had much knowledge.  I apologize before I start to forgive me if any word offends anyone or if I’m misunderstood——

Islam is a religion of peace, nature and natural instinct so does not deny any natural requirement. Hence all Fine Arts are originally applicable in Islam. All that gives beauty, amusement and delight to human life are acceptable.

The Quran says;

“Say; ‘who has forbidden you to wear the nice clothes or to eat the good things which Allah bestowed upon his servants?” ‘SAY; “these are for the faithful in the life of this world, (though shared by others)” but they shall be theirs alone on the Day of Resurrection…Thus We plain Our revelations to men of understanding”

(Al-A’raf 7: 32)

There are just two limitations:

First, there should not be violation of any religious order. For instance there should be no idolatry and vulgarity reflected through their art work in any form

Second, everything must be in moderation. It is not approved by Islam, for a person to be so much engrossed in some of the fine arts as to ignore his family, his social duties and even God.

It is but baseless assumption to assume that image of any living thing is forbidden in Islam. In fact every image drawn by hand, shot by the camera or used for cinema or television is permissible if not reflecting idolatry and gibbering obscenity.

Since the Quran is the justice for us, and the basis for everything valid or invalid is laid down here, it would have been clearly mentioned if illustration is prohibited

Note: Family planning and Slavery is to come soon J

18 Responses to "Fine Arts, Slavery and Family Planning"

Thanks for this post!

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Very insightful and intelligent highlights on the sensitive issues. Good going Mrs Rauf

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Thank you dear Shaista, very generous of you— bright blessings


Agreed with above comments, thanks.

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Thank you, your words are much appreciated

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The quotation doesn’t reflect your topic.

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i’m sorry i didnt get it. please explain. im honored you read and commented, much appreciated


The ayaat you quoted fromQuran Shareef , does not say anything about ” fine art” being allowed.

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Thank you kalabalu, do you know any ayat related to this ? please do enlighten me if you know it. I’m also in search for as you pointed it out. thank you again.

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I do not know, but will let you know if I get, thanks 🙂

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you are right on the mark

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[…] Fine Arts, Slavery and Family Planning […]

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Very insightful and yet sensitive. Wonderful words. Salaam.

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walekum assalaam my friend. best regards


Another misconception relates to the word jihad (don’t know if my spelling is correct). To the “errorists” it’s a religious struggle but the true meaning from what I’ve read, is that jihad refers an internal struggle that each individual battles within themselves to be a better person.

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yes that’s absolutely true—- jihad is struggle within oneself to be a better human being 🙂

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