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Chosen You

Posted on: February 8, 2015


Chosen you beloved when

The entire world cherished then

I was thine, you were mine

Whom not we confided hence

Death is fatality thus

Life too harassed us

Moon was seated by the side

Why then abolish all lights

Still on her eyes on her veneer,

Bestowed worlds upon her;

In spite of all this Ahmar!

In no way did she ever love me

Composed by Ahmar.H.Ahmar




17 Responses to "Chosen You"

such peaceful and amazing words!!

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Beautiful poetry. Mrs Rauf
is it yours or a translation. .. lovely

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Thank you Shaista:) I’m humbled and words fail to thank you


Very beautiful poem 🙂 Written by you or translated by you ? Can you make me understand the last lines ? (Still on her eyes—- love me)

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i translated it. thank you for your kind remarks. i’m humbled.
on her eyes is a thin covering

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Thank you,I can understand it a bit better now 🙂 I guess it’s originally written in Urdu ?

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ji yeah
do you understand urdu?

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No,may be a little bit 🙂

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Reblogged this on Spiritual challenges .

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thank you, can i see your reblogged one please


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