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By lovely moments coming, restraint will perish

We both will reunite and detachment will perish;

All the times of flowing tears will tear too

Your vigor and mine will free us from this tie 

But entire sagas are only for reassuring our hearts,

Nights of grief die little by little ebb aching heart,

Smiling, moaning, weeping, wounding and singing;

Dream of harmony is strange and will remain weird

In stagnant arena, the lover will narrate the love story

Gradually our whole lives will wash down through eyes;


 Black bed-room eyes yet decked with mascara,

Like lightening shimmers more in dark clouds;

Seeing her with lusty eyes today, a delight,

Her heart beat tinkling inside with each footstep;

How thirsting her eyes! What does the damsel want?

Each time goes, wishes to fill the pond in her pitcher;

At dawn, hair tresses look as if snakes caress,

Her lure, her scent is akin to scented sandalwood;

 Like a cloud hooked on an arch of the moon,

Her dropping veil entangles with her trinkets;

In this world, your glamour comes to me as if,

 An oil lamp is lighted in a dormant dark forest;

Who’s come to me, through a small window breach?

Bashfully, eyes looking down, and fragrant veil;

I blazed each sentiment of love in my bosom,

Like someone put a lit matchstick in liquor

What happens now? Which instant, a storm arises?

Number of painful centuries, that echo each sec;

Who we are? Until yesterday we yearned for harmony

Peace bothers me today, find harmony in restlessness

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