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Once the king Haroon Rasheed went to see and pay regards to Hazrat Suleiman Bin Harb.

After a while Haroon Rasheed felt thirsty so requested for a glass of water. The servant rushed and resented His Majesty with a glass of water.

The king instantly brining the glass to his lips and was just was about to drink, Hazrat Suleiman stopped him.

He addressed the king, “Your Majesty, tell me one thing before you sip! If this was the only glass of water in the whole wide world, what price would you be willing to pay to quench your thirst?”

Without a second thought the king said, “I surely would give away half of my kingdom for it”

Hazrat Suleiman put another question, “What if this water remains in your stomach and does not pass out in the form of urine and there is only one doctor in this world that can relieve you from your trouble. What would you be willing to pay him?”

“The other half of my kingdom” was the thoughtful reply.

“Your Majesty! Ponder over this; your whole kingdom is only worth of a glass of water!”

Moral: how many times in day do we eat and drink without ever pondering how to get rid of waste? Our digestive system works automatically, getting rid of all waste products. We take all blessings for granted. We should thank almighty for giving us the comfort of a good digestive system

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