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What is love at first sight ?

Posted on: December 27, 2014

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This question clearly defines the importance of veiling. A person falls in love at first sight means that either he was charmed by hair, facial beauty, physical appearance or voice of the lady. But definitely something he sighted!

Hence there has to be an object to like or love. Without seeing no one would ever like or buy anything. One can buy at any cost if heard of the value and beauty from a very trusted friend otherwise never ever would throw away his money.

As it is said that, “beauty lies in the eyes of beholder”

That thing may not appeal every one or any once else accept the one, who falls in love with that. Like Majoon fell in love with Laila who was black like coal. No one liked her but Majoon fell in love with her so much so that he could see her everywhere, sleeping or awake. He was completely lost in her love. This is a love story that ended with their deaths like most of such love stories.

It means one must see to fall in love. A blind man falls in love not by seeing but by liking the sweet voice and way of talking. In short there must be something seen or heard or felt to fall in love. He might not see the rain but feels the ambiance the moisture etc. so there must be SOMETHING to charm the lover.

We have not seen God but we love him. Why? Because He is seen and experienced in everything that exists all around.

All this detail is to prove that importance of veiling. A woman is precious like treasure so need to be properly hidden, covered and saved to avoid the lusty sexy seeing of her or be cheated, stolen and misused.

Many of us are unaware of the fact that, hair release waves that attract opposite sex, so does sweat. Long hair of Samson is good example. Samson’s long hair had strength and manly power that attracted Delilah.

Thus a woman is protected, regarded respected if she covers her hair and body. All fashions, dressing, makeup is for her husband to charm him. A woman is the queen of the house. Innumerable breakups can be avoided if a wife remains home or if has to go out, must dress up and cover her in such a way that anyone who casts eye on her respects her.  Scared and holy books are covered with velvet satin or leather to save them from dirt, weather and to ensure their longevity.

Sexual abuse and harassment will minimize if women are taken care of respectfully and lovingly. They are lovely, fragile and precious. Value them.


20 Responses to "What is love at first sight ?"

Falling in love in an instant

I remember the first time I experienced love at first sight.

I was in my eighth grade, just a little boy sitting in an audience, watching a theatrical play at an interschool competition.

So watch out for this elusive kind of love. What follows may or may not be perfect, but that first flutter of butterflies in the stomach is truly something that makes falling in love at first sight one of the best experiences of a lifetime!

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I like it:) it happens with almost everyone at that age. and that’s crush not love 🙂


Yes, I agree with you – well said and to learn from – Please see below my interview and hope you will like it!


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Thank you for sharing. I’ll read it now 🙂 congrats


Thank you for sharing your truth with us!

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Woman being physically weak is tormented whether fully covered or not , this is going on throughout centuries.

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Well to fall in love with someone gradually or spontaneously at the very first sight, it’s one of the most beautiful things on earth. Life would be colorless without that, wouldn’t it?

Yes it’s being misused, correct. But if a person knows nothing of medicine and claims to be a doctor and ends up killing a couple of persons, would we say that the entire essence of medical is of no use?

Plus there’s no ban about love marriage in Islam as well. As far as veiling is concerned, covering of face is not an order, as far as religion is concerned nevertheless the point discussed here isn’t from the religious point of view i guess, it’s just about keeping one’s personality. So what if a face is covered, you yourself said that a voice is something that could attract the other person. True, it really is. What does a woman do about it?

The entire point in above is about a man falling for a woman, what if a woman falls for some man?

I do understand and completely agree with the point you just made. Love’s being misused, yes. Lives are being ruined, yes. You definitely have to put a full stop somewhere, it’s just i don’t think that veiling is the place to put that full stop. That stop should be put when you’re in love and any of the two tries to indulge the other physically before a marriage. That is the place where you stop it right away, no matter what.

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Umair dear you are right. i do agree with you. i dont mean to say tha hijab is the only security but may be i coudnt explain it properly. i wanted to say that hijab is modesty. and a woman is precious like a diamond so be taken care of unlike stones on the roads . someone asked me actually here on wordpress. seeing is believing na 🙂 if shes home shes more safe

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That’s a very nice post. I second these thoughts. I veil myself. Hence, It felt like someone was voicing my own words.
Nice job.


first sight means to see or seen. im not against anyone. i only wanted to throw light on first sight love. one cant fall in love if not seen the beloved. unless you see the moon how can you describe it. please its not debate. i just wrote it.

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Yes. I know its not a debate. I second your thoughts 🙂

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thank you for understanding Maryam:)

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Well at times hijaab might be a modesty, for some who belong to that school of thought. I’m not even sure exactly what we mean by hijaab. What I believe is that modesty lies within your personality not your costume. If a girl respects herself, she carries herself with dignity, others would do the same for her. It’s not very uncommon when we come across someone and we think and say it out loud to each other what a good personality he/she carries. Men and women both are precious, both should be given due respect when and where they deserve. Religion doesn’t draw any line or present double standards regarding this particular area. But I strongly disagree with the point that women should be taken care of as if they were some commodity. This might be the root cause of many cultural and custom slaughters when women are being bribed for other’s committed crimes. When women can’t dare to fall in love and marry the person they fall for. Neither should a woman expect someone else to ‘treat’ her properly, she should treat herself well and when this happens, others will follow her lead. Obviously we’re not talking about the raping incidences, as someone mentioned above. That is a different discussion anyway.
Clearing this becomes even more necessary when it’s put online and in record. I personally feel that the version of religion reaching to west and other parts of the world is once again not the correct version of religion. I seriously doubt that most of the muslims who just entered the religion only recently or are from abroad do not know that in Islam, there is no such order to cover your full face or women should be grounded to their homes only. I haven’t heard any Mullah telling this off to people. We have a well groomed religious society, we know the waters too well to point out the shortcomings and missing lapses. But the new people can’t do that. So yours might be the correcting voice as you chose a very delicate and yet very important topic to write about.

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Wow, Tanveer this is an amazing article. I love this!

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yes i agree with you that love at first sight is more like crush at first sight, you cannot love a person unless you know that person, unless you talk with that person, a person can fall in love with the outer beauty but to truly love someone you have to know the other person, know how they feel what they like dislike, what they think etc… but love is not a simple thing, people have many definitions of it, it looks simple but its the most beautiful and complex thing on earth, one which human beings are still unable to understand.

Thankyou for sharing this wonderful article with us 🙂


thank you for dropping by and read my blogs. thank you for liking them and encouraging me. You are right, LOVE is celestial pure honest and sacrificing.all stories of love proved their love by surrendering and sacrificing. Sacrifice of hazrat Ibrahim, hazrat Imam Hussein and so many innumerable examples. alia karams sacrifice thier urge of body needs like hunger, likes and dislikes in every field and phase. Rumi Tebriz etc etc, King Edward who left his throne for his love, history is full of love regardless of religion. 🙂

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