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Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Posted on: December 27, 2014


My inspirations;

1.I am grateful to Maryam who has considered and nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. I am amazed but feel good that my writing has inspired someone. I would like to thank all my readers whose appreciation motivated me for more writing.

Award Rules:

1) Thank the person who nominated you by linking his/her blog and display the award logo.
2) Nominate 15 other blogs (more or less). Link their blogs and inform them about the nomination.
3) Mention three things that inspired you the most this week (you can talk about last week’s inspiration too).


There are many bloggers that inspired me through their writing in different ways but to follow the rule I have chosen

1.   nicodemasplusthree@gmail.com


3. writersdream9@wordpress.com

4. http://wsj2day.wordpress.com/

I am impressed and inspired by these bloggers very much along with so many others. their ideas, photography is superb.

I’m humble and ask for forgiveness as really don’t know if i did it all okay. I’m so silly by nature just dont know how to accept thank and respond

however i love each one of you

9 Responses to "Very Inspiring Blogger Award"

Congrats for all those were nominated – I am unable to click on any of your nominees!

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i wanted to do it as it should but honest to God i dont know how to do it properly. i want to nominate every blogger fort this award but im dumbo


Here is a example – you can nominate me by my page like this:

Please try it! I know you can do it!

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Well done! And well deserved too… I usually look forward to your posts! Everyone has immense value in them! You can do it!!

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thank you:) i’m humbled and obliged/ thank you again for such kind words

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Congratulations on the award 🙂

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Thank you Christy :)God bless you

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