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Gem Facts

Red seed with a black tip –  

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What is the difference between “Ratti” the old Indian measure unit for gems and the modern day metric unit of “Gram”?

·         1 tola = 12 masha or 11.67 gram

·         1 masha = 8 ratti or 0.97 gram

·         1 tank = 4 mashas or 3.88 gram

·         1 Ratti = 0.91 Carat

·         8 Ratti = 1 Gram

Panini, Sanskrit grammarian (c500 BCE) in his treatise Astdhyayi wrote about coins and various fractions suggesting that the concept of coins existed prior to 500 BCE. He mentioned Satamanas (sata= 100, manas = units) and Karshapana (sub-fraction). Each unit was called “Ratti” weighing 0.11 grams. Ratti was average weight of a Gunja seed

From another Indian scripture:
Old Indian Measures <=> Metric Measures

1 Masha = 8 Ratti = 1 Gram = 4.8 Carats
1 Ratti = 0.6 Carat  download (3)images

History 220px-Carracci-Portrait_of_Carlo_Alberto_Rati_Opizzoni

All major offshoots utilized own coats of arms and mottos. The earliest known Ratti Mentone offshoot comes from Menton in France. This branch’s motto is Virtus beatos efficit (Latin: Boldness makes blissfulness) The Ratti Opizzone (Ratti Oppizzoni or Ratti Opizzoni) branch was recorded in Tortona since 13th century. Its mansion, the Torre Ratti Castle in Piedmont, was built before 1155. It was renovated and expanded in the 14th century and again two centuries later. The castle belonged to Ratti Opizzoni till 1868. The Ratti Opizzone mottoes are Omnia cum tempore (All with time) and Sub tuum praesidium (Under thy protection). In Como a branch of the family devoted itself to silk-spun production since 19th century.

Carlo Alberto Ratti Opizzoni with the Ratti Opizzoni coat of arms

In 1592 became a Knight Hospitaller and had a successful military career, actively campaigning against the Turks.

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