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Look up to see the sky in belief and hope

Posted on: December 25, 2014


Seeing books and copies drenched in blood

Seeing how our future is going to waste

Nobody to play games in school now

Saddened eyes see blood-spattered sight

No words to describe the horrible incident,

Mothers are symbol of shelter; saw them scared

Insomniac fathers and disturbed mothers

They remember their lost child’s mischief

Brave are the ones, who silently endured,

Sighs and sorrows of bereaved mothers;

Even today we’re engaged in our thoughts

Consider one so desolate and broken down

If mind and rapport is broken into pieces

We’ll only be saddened and feel sorrow;

The incident is agonizing and vulnerable

What a pity, no words to bear or comfort

Speechless, with heads down with shame,

Look up to see the sky in belief and hope

What more to write, pen doesn’t support

The sky shedding bloody tears as well

14 Responses to "Look up to see the sky in belief and hope"

You have affected me profoundly! Thank you for always being authentic.

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love you, you are so kindhearted

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Hope you are good.
As usual, your post is so heart touching.
I have nominated you for the VERY INSPIRING BLOGGER AWARD.
Please visit http://mariamhyder.wordpress.com/2014/12/26/very-inspiring-blogger-award/ for further details.


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jazakAllah Mariam. thanking you dear one for nominating me for this award. im honored and humbled at the same time. its your kindness and generosity. but you know i was nominated often for different awards but i just dont know how to do it. my friends tried to make me understand but like SMART PHONE i cant understand this too 😦 if i give you my password will you plz do it for me? Ajaytao who passed away months back once did it for me.


mariam you didnt reply me 😦 will you please do it for me if i send you my password?


Hi ,
Just sent you an email regarding the steps.

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Thank you, im trying it now:)


A powerful and heartfelt poem Tanveer. Continuing to pray for the families.

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Thank you Nicodimas for support and your kindness! God bless you and your loved ones amen

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God bless you and your family too!

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jazakAllah (wish you very same)

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‘Books and copies drenched in blood.’ Those lines tugged hard. The worst part was the blood was washed away by tears… 😦

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yeah Ranju dear its very agonizing

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