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A heartfelt tribute to Imam Bux (late)

Posted on: December 7, 2014


Imam Bux is clean shaved and second from left in blue shirt

Imam Bux was not related to me but had a deep relation with me as an honest human being.

When I was serving Hamdard Public School he was sent to me to consider him for any post. After discussion with the Administrator we appointed him as my peon. He was very innocent and honest. He had a smiling face and twinkling blue eyes that only knew to respect others.

Hamdard building is a huge majestic building comprising of countless rooms, labs, library, and offices. Working in Hamdard is not a joke. One may enjoy in any capacity or designationJ one has to have patience, strength and passion to serve Hamdard. The junior staff faces more as they have to run, do this do that, go here, go there, bring this, and take this take that. To work in building on 150 acres of land is but tedious to run, work and wear smile. My hats off to staff of Hamdard Public School who serve so dedicatedly there

One morning I needed Imam Bux for something. He was looked everywhere but no one could find him. Finally I came to my office and was just about to sit when I saw him sitting under my table. I didn’t know what to do! To smile at him or to get mad!

He came out from under the table and with his eyes down stood with hands folded as an obedient servant.  I asked him the reason for hiding there. He said innocently;

“Madam I was very tired cleaning dusting and running so sat here to rest for a while”

Accepting and ignoring at the same time, I sat and started my routine work.

I left Hamdard long time back but whenever we met he was same respectful. Last week only I met him in Hamdard in a Football Tournament. He served every guest with same humbleness, respect and smiling face. What did I know that it was last time I was meeting him. I asked all junior staff to have a photo with me. They all agreed happily but unfortunately we didn’t get a chance as each one of them was so busy and time waits for no one

Yesterday Tasleem called me to inform that Imam Bux passed away. It’s such a great shock for me. I couldn’t sleep. Prayed for his soul and wept. The least I can do for him now.

I request earnestly all my friends and readers to please pray for his soul to enjoy eternal life in heavens amen


10 Responses to "A heartfelt tribute to Imam Bux (late)"

So sorry to hear of the loss of such a lovely person.

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Thank you for your care.God bless you


feeling sorry to hear that, he really seemed to be a nice person..May he gets place in jannah. Ameen


Will offer prayers now and God bless you in this time of loss.

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Thank you so much dear one for your kind deed. may you be showered with Allah’s blessings amen

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Superb; May Almighty Allah bless his soul with eternal peace, aameen

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Dear Tanveer, your story teaches us a wonderful lesson. Life is given to us… and then removed without notice.
Many times we find ourselves in situations similar to yours, maybe later we blame for not saying a simple “thank you” or “I love you”… This is because we always have too many trivial things in our head, we put our priorities and selfishly we think of always being right. All of us, believe me, without any exception.
We should seize the moment (Carpe diem) and give a smile or a kind and human action whenever we can… because it could no longer be another chance to do it… like that day with you and Imam Bux…
Serenity and hugs 🙂 claudine


i agree with you. he was like my son to me. scoldings care every emotion he bore with broad mind and big heart, he was an angel.
yes we should never miss a chance to smile or pat a shoulder or give a hug 🙂 and i feel honored and pleasure in saying that, I LOVE YOU 🙂 CHEERS

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Your description about him has made me sad already. As someone said, God wants all the good people early. I am sorry to hear about your loss and I will definitely pray for him.

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