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The event I’m going to share now is true-life occurrence.

Mani was an eleven years old boy. He lived adjacent to our home in North Nazimabad Karachi with his parents and siblings. The family was highly educated and civilized. Both husband wife were scholars and taught in reputed educational institutes. Children were also well mannered. I’m writing all this to ensure readers that there is no doubt in anything I will write now.

It was some part at Mr. Riaz’s home (Mani’s father) they fixed a tent in the lane for the guests. Guests were sitting enjoying music. Ladies and girls flattered and pampered walked here and there boasting and receiving comments like usual practice about their fashion, styles dress etc.

A small fire was built on one side away from the guests to warm water for washing dishes. Water was boiling in a container. Mr. Riaz was busy giving instructions. Mani was standing there with his father.

Everything was in order. All of a sudden the water container toppled. Mani got badly burnt with water and flames. Nobody knows how did it all happen? Mr. Riaz tried to lend a hand to Mani he also got his hands burn to some extent in saving Mani. Both were taken to hospital immediately.

Every one, every neighbor went to hospital almost every day to see Mani in Burns ward except I. I have a very bad habit. I can’t see anyone in pain so I run away. It took many days to heal the wounds. When just about an inch of wound was left to be cleaned and bandaged Mani cried. The nurse asked him: “Mani why do you cry now? It’s been almost a month. You never even sighed when cleaned or changed bandage. Why now? It’s very strange” Mani replied; “It never hurt me before so I didn’t cry. Since it hurts now so I do”

The nurse went to the doctor and told him everything. The doctor also was surprised at Mani’s comments. He called Mr. Riaz to discuss. Doctor thought something wrong with Mani’s brain. So Mani’s father, doctors and nurses all asked Mani. Then Mani said, “When the water container fell over, I sat on the wall (his house wall) and I watched myself burning. I didn’t feel any pain. So I didn’t feel pain while doctors changed my dressing etc. But today I felt pain so I cried.” This hearsay spread like fire in the jungle. Every neighbor was eyewitness that Mani never complained of his soreness.

When Mani was discharged from hospital and came home, I called him. He’s a very modest and good boy. I asked him again. He repeated the same; “Aunt Tanveer, believe me I was sitting on that wall (he pointed to that wall) I saw my father helping me. I saw he burnt his hands too trying to put off fire flames from my shirt. Nothing happened to me” Then he showed me a small wound on his hand which gave him pain. I was more surprised to see body had no burning marks except for that small one.

Time passed. We got busy in our life. They moved to some other place. We had no contact after that.

Its true. Allah can do anything

Eyes eloquent, lips silent, same as you,
Poetry has learnt styles, same as you;
If thirst is intense, sand looks like oasis,
Looks charming from far, same as you;
Everyone beguiles, but, I crave for you!
Wish one calls for no basis, same as you
Am restive like wind for bough of roses
Releases fragrance now, same as you;
Now I’m like a print of morn and sunset
Night has befallen on me, same as you;
Narrate stories of dreams to me often
The mysterious secrets, same as you

نظر سے گفتگو، خاموش لب، تمھاری طرح
غزل نے سیکھے ہیں انداز سب تمھاری طرح .

, جو پیاس تیز ہو تو ریت بھی ہے چادرِ آب !
دِکھائی دُور سے دیتے ہیں سب، تمھاری طرح

بُلا رہا ہے زمانہ، مگر ترستا ہُوں
کوئی پُکارے مجھے بے سبب، تمھاری طرح

ہَوا کی طرح میں بیتاب ہُوں، کہ شاخِ گُلاب
مہکتی ہے مِری آہٹ پہ اب، تمھاری طرح

مثالِ وقت میں تصویرِ صُبح و شام ہُوں اب
مِرے وجُود پہ چھائی ہے شب، تمھاری طرح

سُناتے ہیں مجھے خوابوں کی داستاں اکثر
کہانیوں کے پُراسرار لب، تمھاری طرح

 Bashir Bader

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