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Faith and love do magic

Posted on: October 18, 2014


Like millions of other pilgrims an old blind Sudanese lady Fatima, also headed for pilgrimage with her son to Makah to perform Hajj this year i.e. 2014.

She lost her eyesight seven years back. She got medication and went through several operations to get back her vision but it didn’t work.

Fatima had full conviction that she will get her sight back if she goes for Hajj and prays in holy Ka’aba. Hence, after performing Hajj she was sitting in front of the holy Ka’aba beseeching earnestly, Almighty Allah from the core of heart, to give back her sight. She prayed uncontrollably with eyes closed and tears rolling down.

One day she was again sitting and praying with her eyes closed. When she completed her prayers she opened her eyes and just couldn’t believe! She could see! She could clearly see everything. It was true! She could see. She saw her son after seven years! She at once supplicated thanking almighty for realizing her prayer.

Fatima can move freely without anyone’s help or guidance. She’s more than gratified for the miracle that happened to her personally

Belief, faith, undoubted conviction and sustained reliance on the Creator and humble prayers do work. Allah is most kind and beneficial. All praise is to HIM

May we all be forgiven and our prayers also answered. Amen

4 Responses to "Faith and love do magic"

Amazingly nice…

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very peaceful and beautiful. i have heard about these incidents. i personally believe pure love and faith can move mountains or make a person strong enough to cross them!

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Yes you can understand as you yourself are pure soul:) loads of love:)


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