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Sounds Funny but true

Posted on: October 14, 2014


Many years have passed but its fresh like roses in my mind.

Sabir sahib the bank manager sold his house and shifted to Defense. The house was adjacent to our home. The new people who bought were very civilized and nice people. Two brothers their families lived with their old parents. They would attend every delight and sorrow in the  neighborhood earnestly. The family became like relatives in the neighborhood.

After some time we came to know that the grandmother was not their real grandmother. Actually when the real one passed away , the grandpa felt depressed and lonely. So their children married their grandpa to a nice widow. They lived happily. After some years the grandpa died. Grandma was left to mourn alone. Hence to kill her loneliness they married her to one old widower. Remarrying their grandparents took place three times.

Eventually it was stopped as both grandparents fell ill one after the other and passed away.

Though it sounds unbelievable but we are witness to it. Hats off to the children who felt the sting of loneliness and remarried their grand parents. Every one took great care of them, though they were not real or genuinely related to anyone in the house.

A noble and kind example was set.

11 Responses to "Sounds Funny but true"

Yes it is a true story our old neighbours

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Thank you Nadia for confirming it


I agree… Noble it is…

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Such a sweet story! It’s not good to be alone. Blessings…


Sounds more than wonderful…

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waiting anxiously for your comments:)


In old age, what one needs most is companionship. It shows that these children always had the best interest of their elders in mind.

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Greetings to Pakistan. A wonderful picture.

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warm regards and millions of thanks

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Thanks. Good Morning.

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