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It was 1996 during summer vacation that Ateeq and Shahana planned to go on a picnic to a beach far from the city with  their children. As they are very dear and close to me so they asked me to join them. I accepted the invitation ardently. Everyone close to me knows how lazy and carefree I am.

Hence they didn’t expect me to pack, take or make anything for the picnic:)

It was a very pleasant day. Not very hot either nor were rush of people fortunately so we enjoyed thoroughly. The lady sitting beside me is Shahana Ateeq. She was  then  Heading a  school and so was I. Her husband Ateeq was major in Pakistan Army. He’s enjoying a retired life now, where as Shahana is still rendering her services in the field of her passion, teaching !

Both of them are very humane and down to earth people. The man sitting on the other side of me was the driver. He also enjoyed our company and helped us make tea.

This old man fascinated  us so much with his wisdom and modesty, that I felt honored  to be photographed with him.

He was not a beggar but a simple villager who recited spiritual and mystic songs and every word he uttered was full of purity truth and love for humanity. His love vibes  and modest but powerful personality  left a lasting impact on us . W e didn’t have cell phone or digital camera then otherwise I would have taken and shared more pictures.

Though its been many years but I still remember his sweet innocent smile.

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