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Miss Mani Sheriar Contractor – 1936-1991

Posted on: September 22, 2014

principal M S Contractor alt

Miss Contractor served the school from 1969 as Vice-Principal and from 1974 as the Principal. She came to the school in 1936 after taking her B .A Examination, as a very young lady-teacher. She was a very proficient teacher and executed her duties regularly, loyally and conscientiously. She completed fifty glorious years of dedicated services to the school – an evidence to envy!

She embodied the spirit of The Mama School, a spirit which is alive and well acknowledged throughout the world.

After my husband’s sad demise I needed some job to earn my bread and butter.

Fortunately one of my friends asked me apply in Mama Parsi as there exists vacancy for teachers.  Hence I did. I was interviewed by Miss. Contractor. After exchange of formal questions she asked me; “Are you Zionist Mrs. Rauf?” I said, “I’m sorry I’m not.” What she said was a compliment or what I am still lost! She said smiling at me, “Come on Mrs. Rauf, you are so honest and straight forward, you can’t be a Muslim”

I was speechless.

Then for three days she observed my way of teaching. Her remarks about my teaching were very upbeat and encouraging. I still have the remarks written in my old diary. (I wrote her remarks about me, myself as every time I read it gives me pleasure and strength)

I learnt so much there. It was first time in Mama’s history that I took my class to Dr. Ruth Katharina Pfau’s Leprosy Centre. I wanted to teach my students practically the value of health and to be grateful to almighty for blessing us with health joy and all what we need. Children had taken gifts for leper patients and also cash for donation to the centre. It was appreciated by Dr Pfau and Dr. Zarina FAZEL Bhoy. Dr. Zarina also had nice talk with the Mama’s students. It was their life time experience.

Every day in Mama was a valuable experience of my life. The  heaps and variety of flowers I used to get every day by students showed their love giving me more energy and strength to be dedicated to my profession.

One day we came to know that miss. Contractor was absent from school as she had broken her collar bone. She slipped in Metro pole Hotel while going inside to attend a conference.

She was at school early morning the next day with her arm in sling.

She was above 70 then. It was just unbelievable to see her sign with the same hand. There was no shaking or any dissimilarity in her signature.

I requested her to allow me to kiss her hand as I was so moved and impressed with her dignity, sincerity and professionalism.

She was truly a lady of substance. She had worked with the great lady, the sister of Quaid e Azam, Mohammad Ali Jinnah the Founder of Pakistan, Miss. Fatima Jinnah Poonja.

I feel honored to have served Mama Parsi School.

Though Miss Mani Sheriar Contractor is no more in this mortal world but her services will be much regarded and always remembered.



13 Responses to "Miss Mani Sheriar Contractor – 1936-1991"

Mrs.Rauf you have written so well.Educationist should be highlighted and you did.Good Job!

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Thank you Sabiha ji. you are right. We owe our teachers humlbe respectful tribute


yes ur blog reminds me abt Mama Parsi and Ms. Contractor.

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You two sister also studied there. don’t you remember this. do comment on my write up too please Nadia


Good write up, good job.:) miss contractor was an unforgettable person.


yess indeed. thank you for visiting. stay blessed


i left school in 1991, she taught us Algebra, i was always afraid of her and failed many times,she always explained the same thing very politely i got 97 out of 100 in maths, she was very humble, very hardworking person, i m extremely proud of her and what ever i m today the credit 100% goes to MAMA, love u


Dear Mrs Rauf,
It is such a pleasure to read your blog about my favorite lady.I am a proud mamain. Whatever I am today the credit goes to my Allah, my parents and to my dearest school and teachers. Miss Contractor was a beautiful lady with a pure heart and smile. I still and will always remember her graceful looks and her flowery sarees.I used to have a very bad handwriting.Once she checked my ex bks and called me in her office. There she wrote herself on my four lined English ex bk and showed me the correct letter formation and then there was a time when my hand writing was the most beautiful one in the class.What a wonderful lady! May Her Soul Rest in Peace.


You are very right Erma dear. She was a lady of substance. I’m glad that so many of her admirers read this small tribute.


Thk You very much for writing such a beautiful article about the best principal of our time . I used to go to her office almost everyday since she knew tht I wud carry out her orders though it was a request from her side and I looked forward to her Maths classes in class X , she was a grt inspiration to all of Us, God bless her soul, wish she was here to c How much v respected her and Miss her too.


Yess you are right:) but i’m sure she must be getting our messages in heavens:)


I was not a trained teacher, but wished to teach in Mama School after doing my Masters in Eng. Lit., the credit goes to Miss Mani Contractor, who not only trained me in school but, sanctioned leave to obtain my Bachelors in Education, where I took second position in Karachi. I give all the credit to her and Ms Zohra Surma,(God rest both their souls in peace.) Ms Contractor treated me always with love and understanding. She shared her books and teaching material with me,and I was fortunate enough to be guided and taught by her to make maps for the Geography classes.She was the one who inspired me to become a good Geography teacher. What more, when I used to sit back late in school to finish my Exam corrections, she would send me a portion of her lunch, through good old Miandad, who would coax me to eat saying “Mani baba aap ke lye bheja, khud nai khaya”, such was her love and passion for promoting education. She taught me good values as a mother would and all ethics of education, sadly missing in our schools today. Will love her and remember as long as I live.
Tasnim Zahir


God bless the great educationist and humane human’s soul amen


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