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The Mischievous Dog

Posted on: September 17, 2014


  A man was fond of keeping dogs. He trained them and looked after them very well.  the master and his dogs were famous in the locality. People used to come and enjoyed seeing so many well-bred  dogs.

He bought a small puppy that was very active and mischievous. The man had special affection towards it. With passing time it grew into a beautiful sturdy dog. But it was wild and mischievous.   Though the master and trainer tried to train and tame it too but in vain.  One day the dog bit a poor servant out of mischief while it was being washed.

Every day’s complains against it made the master humiliated. So one day, to get rid of the nasty dog, his master thought of leaving it in a forest for good. He shared this idea with his neighbor.

The neighbor however suggested: “That’s not the correct way friend. To tame such a wild animal is to fix a chain around his neck and attach a heavy wooden block to the end of it. That will stop him from biting and disturbing others.” Agreeing with his neighbor the master did the same.

Next day the dog, looking at its wooden block went down to market place, shaking and enjoying rowdy sound that attracted everyone’s attraction.

An old dog came near him and said, “If I were in your place I would make less noise and not draw people’s attention like you.”

The rowdy dog replied; “If we don’t respect ourselves, no one else would!” Wearing a strap is a mark of fame and not a symbol of shame!”


Some silly people often mistake cheap publicity for fame like the rowdy dog

4 Responses to "The Mischievous Dog"

😀 I enjoyed this. Made me laugh because I know a few people who are very much like this rowdy dog.


how do you make this laughing icon please teach me


Here’s the page for all the codes on wordpress smiley icons. http://codex.wordpress.org/Using_Smilies
In the middle of that page is a code box with all the little faces and what to type to make them. For the laughing face I use a colon and a capital D Have fun! xoxox

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great friend Jane xoxoxo


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