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Love begets love!

Posted on: August 1, 2014


It was a very hot sizzling summer day. An ant was searching here and there for water. After some time she at last came to a pond. She could not swim. She kept thinking as to how to reach water and satisfy its dryness. She saw a grass bed, so she climbed on a blade of grass to make her way. But, unfortunately she lost her balance and thus she slipped and fell into the pond.

A dove sitting on the close by tree was watching everything. Seeing that the ant was in trouble, the dove quickly plucked off a leaf and dropped near the struggling ant. The ant moving towards the leaf tried and climbed up on it. The leaf carried the ant safely to the dry ground.

The ant looked at the dove gratefully.

The innocent dove was unaware of the hunter’s net. The hunter was impatient to trap the dove in his net. It was the ants turn now to payback. So the ant bit on the hunter’s heel. It pinch was so painful that the hunter dropped his net. The dove then realizing the danger instantly flew away and saved its life.

Moral: Love begets love!

4 Responses to "Love begets love!"

Pretty amazing; that sounded another version that where the people are trapped, their conviction secures them….


A good piece of message to all of us….


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