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Blind man with a lamp

Posted on: July 26, 2014


ScreenShot2013-05-02at210306_zpsa86b526fOnce there lived a blind man in a small town. He always carried a lighted lamp in his hand whenever he went out at night.

On one dark night he was going with his lighted lamp in his hand. A group of men were passing that way.

They saw the blind man and made fun of him. They said,” O Blind man why do you carry the lighted lamp. You are blind and cannot see anything?

The blind man politely said, “This lamp is not for me, but for you people who have eyes. You may not see a blind man coming and push him. They felt ashamed and begged pardon.


Think twice before you speak.

7 Responses to "Blind man with a lamp"

Such a simple but powerful message! I really like it, Tanveer! It is important to think before speaking and try to understand another’s point of view! Take care and God bless you! Robin


Thank you dear Robin 🙂 May almighty shower His blessings upon you and your loved ones always amen 🙂


This is a wonderful story and message! I volunteer at a center for blind and low-vision folks. I’m going to tell them this story next week. I know this message is much more than specific to blind folks, but it will resonate with them in several ways. Bless you!! Cher xo


Thank you for your kind remarks. I wish we all each one us can put our share, in words or deed to help humans beings and all living creatures:) stay blessed


I completely agree. Blessings to you as well; thank you for your blessed heart! Cher xo


Simply more than wonderful….


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