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Sheikh Chilli ‘s Fasting 2

Posted on: May 24, 2014



They all helped him get home. Mother requested them to help him to the bed.

The other friend said: “ Aunty, actually Chilli went to the Imam Sahib and complained to him for not giving the evening azan. Chilli told Imam Sahib that he is dying of hunger and thirst.”

Imam Sahib scolded him for his habitual silly talking. Imam sahib in addition told Chilli that there were still six hours for the evening azan.

Chilli hearing of six hours more to wait to eat could not accept and lost his senses.

Mother massaged his foot sole and sprinkled water on his face.

Chilli coming back to consciousness softly asked for water.

Mother with all love in her voice and gestures: “ My sweet heart. You are fasting. Just wait for a little more time. I will provide you with your favorite beverage and delicious eatables.”

Chilli lay awake on the bed grumbling and thinking to him.

Mother had gone to sleep after all day’s disturbance and bothering caused by Chilli.

While lying he thought that he should prepare food for iftari and give pleasure to his angry mother.  So he got up from the bed. Went to the kitchen. He put gram flour in a bowl and added water to make dough. But being stupid as ever he poured too much water.  It turned into a batter of gram flour and not dough. So he put more flour to thicken it. He added some water to it that changed to fluid. Chilli kept on adding water or flour until all the flour that mother had bought for the whole month of Ramzan was finished.

He poured all the cooking oil in the frying pan. Then set fire to wood stove. When he felt the oil was adequately hot he poured the liquid he had made out of flour and water. Hot oil in the pan spilled out and caught fire.

Chilli got scared and tired to run when he entangled with the kitchen cabinet and fell flat on the floor.

Mother came running in fury and when she saw that the kitchen was on fire she yelled for water. Neighbors gathered and tried to put out the fire but in vain.

By the time they put water the kitchen turned into ashes.

Sheikh Chilli was restless, as the time was getting closer to evening azan.

He said: “Imam sahib is not worried now to give azan.  He must be eating himself. Why should he bother if some one is dying of hunger?”

Neighbors offered food to break fast in with the evening hoot and azan.

Mother controlling her temper: “ You better pray to Allah to bless us all. Imam sahib is not going to break the rule for you.”

Chilli: “ Firstly you made excuse of sunshine. Now there’s no sunshine at all. Still you insist that it’s not time yet to eat.”

Mother felt pity on his foolishness and had no answer to convince him.

As soon Chilli heard the first word of azan he started gulping and did not stop until eaten every speck of food and sipped every drop of drinks.

He was so full that he could not move even. Mother helped him to get up.

He was so delighted to eat everything of his choice that he insisted to keep fast the following day too.

But mother had learnt a good lesson so she decisively rejected his wish.




2 Responses to "Sheikh Chilli ‘s Fasting 2"

Innocent childhood of Sheikh Chilli. I chuckled as I read this adventure.


Thank you 🙂 We all do such innocent and foolish things when young and enjoy them when grow up 🙂


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