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Cauldron’s Baby

Posted on: May 15, 2014


cauldronbaby cauldron


Dear children, in bygone days, facilities like the media, print media, computer games and other technologies were not there, so parents and grandparents narrated bedtime stories of myth, legend, fable, bravery, morality and humor to children. Such stories played a great role in increasing and retaining vocabulary, developing aesthetic sense, sharpening wit and also helped in the character building of children.

Where as wrestling, horse riding, hunting, fishing, traveling and story telling were a source of entertainment for grown-ups.

Like Sheikh Chilli, Mullah Naseerudin is known for his wit and sense of humor.   Hence he owes many stories in his credit too.

The story you are going to read now is about cleverness and the great sense of humor of Mullah Naseerudin.

Mullah and his neighbor were not on good terms with each other. The reason was simple. His neighbor was short tempered and grumpy where as Mullah   Naseerudin was always up to some mischief and playing pranks here and there.

One day Mullah made a plan.   He set off to the market in good spirits.

He bought some sweets and cookies and strolled towards his neighbor’s home.   He knocked on his neighbor’s door.

Mullah Naseerudin: “Anybody home.”

Neighbor’s wife: “Who is it?”

Mullah Naseerudin: “It’s me Mullah, your neighbor. Is brother Shamsuddin home?”

With frowning and with unpleasant gestures the neighbor came out to see Mullah.

Mullah cheerfully said: “My son graduated his exams with laurels so I have brought you some sweets and cookies to share my delight. I am sure you   have forgotten the past sourness and are pleased with my son’s achievement. ”

The neighbor was much    impressed by Mullah’s modest manners thus invited him for a cup of tea. Mullah respectfully refused making the excuse that he had to distribute sweets among others too.

A few days passed. Nothing noteworthy turned out.

One-day Mullah reached his neighbor’s home again.  His neighbor came out and greeted him warmly.

Mullah: “Brother I have many guests at home. As a custom and a good host I   should serve them food but unfortunately I don’t have a big cooking pot. I have come to ask you for your cauldron.  I will return it to you as soon as my guests leave.”

As Mullah had gained his neighbor’s assurance so his neighbor willingly gave his cauldron to Mullah. Mullah took the cauldron and went   home happily.

Days passed into months but Mullah did not return the cauldron.

When his neighbor reminded him about the cauldron Mullah ignored the topic and started discussing something else.

To return the cauldron at last Mullah went to his neighbor one-day.

Mullah handed the cauldron along. The neighbor said, “Whose pot is this? It is not ours.”

Mullah smiling said: “It is yours brother.”

Neighbor: “but—but I gave you one cauldron only. But this pot—?”

Mullah: “I know you gave me one cauldron only, but your cauldron gave birth to this pot. So it’s your cauldron’s baby and therefore it’s yours.”

Flabbergasted neighbor: “Caldron’s baby?”

Mullah: “Yeah, that’s true. Your cauldron gave birth to this little pot in our home. That’s the reason it took me so long to return it to you.”

Though the   neighbor knew that the small pot was not his, greediness      overcame him so he accepted the cauldron with its baby.

Weeks and weeks passed.  Mullah Naseerudin and Shamsuddin were now good friends. Whenever they met they exchanged smiles with civilized manners.

Mullah had earlier designed a mischievous plan to degrade his neighbor.

So according to his plan he visited his neighbor Shamsuddin again one day.

Mullah humbly requesting: “I am sorry to bother you once again my kind hearted brother.”

Shamsuddin with poise: “What can I do for you brother Mullah.   I’ll be too pleased to help you.”

Mullah conceitedly: “I   have guests again. They will stay for some days. Can I have your cauldron again please?”

Shamsuddin courteously: “Why not Mullah. What are friends for? Some one has rightly said. A friend   in need is a friend indeed. You may very well take the caldron.”

Mullah Naseerudin readily took the caldron as   he had intended before and went home.

Days passed into weeks and the weeks into   months but there seemed no sign of getting back the cauldron.     Once Shamsuddin family needed that cauldron for their own use but they did not ask Mullah for it. They knew that one more baby pot would come. But when a long time passed so Shamsuddin wife insisted him to get back their cauldron.

Shamsuddin alarmed: “I will ask   Mullah today certainly my dear. I am also concerned. It has been so long now. He has not returned our cauldron.”

Shamsuddin came across Mullah Naseerudin on the roadside by chance.

Shamsuddin: “How are you Mullah? Haven’t seen for quite long.”

Mullah with a deep sigh: “What to say brother. I was wanted to visit your house myself but didn’t have the heart to tell you the sad story.” Saying this       Mullah pretended to be in profound regret.

Restless Shamsuddin: “What’s the matter? Do tell me please.”

Mullah weeping: “Your cauldron died   few days back.”

Mullah constantly weeping: “It got ill. I intended to return it to you once   it got well, but oh my dear brother, it died 2 days back.”

Confused Shamsuddin: “Cauldron got ill? But it was nonliving. You can’t fool around with me Mullah. How can nonliving things die?”

Mullah in immense fury: “Fooling you?  You think I’m lying to you? You don’t   believe me?”

Shamsuddin in fury: “Of course you are deceiving me. The caldron was   metallic and a lifeless thing. How could it die?”

Mullah artfully: “Well, well my dear. Just think if the cauldron can give birth why can’t it die? Remember I   gave you a small pot as the cauldron’s baby? And you accepted it. You still have that     pot in your house. Don’t you? So if it could give birth it can die as well.”

Shamsuddin was speechless.   Mullah had once again played his prank on him.

Mullah Naseerudin went home   like a victorious warrior.


3 Responses to "Cauldron’s Baby"

Ha ha I love Mullah Naseerudin stories as there is always a subtle lesson within.
Bahut Shukriya Tanveer Ji and regards.


aapka bohat shukria:)


nice that you had visit my site, Greetings from Germany


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