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Sheikh Chilli’s urge to Eat

Posted on: May 12, 2014


Sheikh Chilli was well known for his copious eating.  It’s however more interesting to know that his yen for eating swelled further when he got married.

He ate when he woke up in the morning and nibbled non-stop onsomething or the other until he slept at night. He ate when he went out and ate again when he come back home. He talked of eating and he listened about nothing, but eating. He was a maniac of eating.

Both his mother and wife were worried for his craving for food.

Regardless of what and when he ate, he always felt like he was starving and unfulfilled.

On one occasion his mother went to see her sister in a nearby village.

Chilli’s wife bore the yoke of feeding Chilli in his mother’s absence.

She prepared breakfast in a large quantity that could suffice four normal grown-up persons.  But it was Chilli who consumed the entire foodstuff all by himself leaving nothing for his wife to eat.

Above all Chilli asked her just after a short while to serve him lunch though it was not even noontime.

She was so much goaded of cooking and serving all the time that she bluntly refused him.

Agitated wife: “ I am sorry I just can’t cook and serve ceaselessly. When getting married I thought I’ll have to prepare food for just two people, you and your mother. But now it seems that I have nothing to do but to cook and feed the empty pitcher with a hole. Whatever poured in vanishes.”

“All the time you are demanding.  It would be better if you cook your self.” Said the wife.

Chilli in a warning tone: “ Think it again! In the past I cooked in the month of Ramzan and the result was the kitchen getting blazed. It might happen again if I cook now. The whole house may burn down along with the kitchen. Where will you reside then?”

The determined wife said: “ May the kitchen be on fire or the house burn into ashes, I don’t care. I am not going to cook any more.”

Chilli beseeching and flattering swayed her to cook.  Eventually she cooked lunch. Setting the table she sat beside him to eat also.


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