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The humane heart

Posted on: May 10, 2014


khalid bhai

He was tall muscular fair and very handsome with friendly looks having big light brown eyes. He can be without doubt called a lady killer but he was unaware of his personality traits.

He captivated everyone when he sang. He was a man of style. Dressed up smartly and looked like a man of status when sat among people smoking his pipe.

Having all these outwardly qualities, he was very humble God-fearing and a caring person.

He worked as a supervisor in a Government office and lived in a 2 room apartment with his wife, 7 sons and one daughter.

He welcomed and entertained everyone so heartily

With food comfort and his cheerful manners that rich or poor everyone rushed to his home.

At night some one slept on the table, other under the table and seven brothers slept lying in a position and got up in the same position in morning as no one could move and inch being no space in the room.  No one complained or grumbled of uneasiness, though they slept in their air conditioned luxurious rooms in their own homes. But sleeping in Khalid bhai’s home had its own enjoyment.

He would get up with the rising sun and prepared breakfast for his guests himself. He was the best cook . He didn’t believe in buying fast food or stuff from bakery or get it cooked from somewhere or to bother his dear wife. But he himself made appetizing dishes serve his guests.

Everyone who knew him or met him thought that it’s him only that Khalid bhai cares for. Regardless of the fact that he or she was his colleague, relative, friends or any outsider.

Once it so happened that in cold winter chilly night everyone was sleeping peacefully. A loud bang on the door woke Khalid bhai up. He was surprised to see a police mobile with brutal strict looking gunmen staring at him. Khalid bhai asked one of them the reason for disturbing him at 3 am in the morning. After inquiry police told him that they had come to a wrong address. Khalid bhai being a civilized man not only excused them but served them with hot coffee and biscuits and then let them go.

His wife is my sister in law. She is very humble smiling and beautiful lady. Khalid bhai loved her dearly and never bothered her to cook for guests.

He couldn’t afford servants so he himself did it. The guests were not necessarily to be his relatives. He welcomed one and all warmly. He was not rich but he had a king’s heart. He would get medicines in his own name as he was entitled to and gave to needy. Though its wrong but he got many poor people got treated in his own name. For many years he cooked and served a poor bedridden man three times a day punctually till the man breathed his last.

Muslims fast in the month of Ramazan. So did Khalid bhai. But he would invite neighbors, colleagues who didn’t fast to his home, cook fresh food and fed them.

He was loved by children and animals equally.

Birds gathered around him early morning to get their share. Everyday at sunset children of his neighborhood would wait out side his home to go to tuck shop and get sweets and juices and candies.

He was very fond of buying all veggies and fruits from the hawker and went to all homes he cared for, to gift them.

He refused promotions and remained supervisor all his life. The reason for refusal was that he didn’t want to leave all those unattended and neglected who depended on him in his vicinity. Rich or poor, Khalid bhai was the first to approach and serve in at death or child birth.

A greengrocer came after some tears to Khalid bhai’s home and asked for him. Khalid bhai’s son told him that he has passed away. The greengrocer wept bitterly saying,” he was so generous. He used to buy all my veggies and I went home happy.”

A common man who knew him performed Hajj in his name on his own expenses just to payback Khalid bhai’s   kindheartedness.

Having all these virtuous qualities he was a human being. He couldn’t keep any secret to himself. If anyone shared any secret with him asking him not to disclose, He would immediately hire a taxi as soon as that person left and went around sharing the secretJ

He himself used to say that if any one shares any secret with him then he should not ask him to keep it to him.

His children have same humble nature and very hospitable like their father. No body goes unattended or unfed from their home.

The only daughter is such an innocent soul. She is very pious and caring soul

May Allah shower His blessings upon the entire family!

May Khalid bhai’s soul rest in eternal peace! Amen

12 Responses to "The humane heart"

Such a fine man and a lovely tribute to him and his family members, too. May Allah shower His blessing upon his family. I agree! Hugs, Robin

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Thanks a million Robin for visiting and reading and kind comments too. God bless you amen


Beautiful and inspiring! A great tribute to a noble soul!

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Thank you Dilip. I’m humble and grateful to you for visiting. please do come again thank you:) stay blessed


yes we miss our dearest phuppa (uncle). May Allah give him best place in Jannah. He was a very gentle person and loved every one with sincerity.

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Thank you Nadia. Yes you are right. He left his exemplary deeds to be followed.


Mami thank you soo much kay app ne meray abbu ko itnay achay aur pyaray alfaazon mei piroya bht acha laga perh k aur pora bachpan meri ankhon mei agiya bht roe k meray abbu kitnay achay insaan thay her aik k liye bht caring n loving I proud of my father.

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Thank you my Anna. please ask all related to him to read and pray for his soul. He was a great man


Wow heart touching moments and May Allah rest his soul in peace, Ameen!

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Dadi from this Blog i get to know much about my Grandfather because when I was newly born he died and I dont remember any thing but from this I got to know that my grandfather was the best and the greatest person on Earth… Thankyou for giving ur words tou his honest and fine life… Proud to be GrandDaughter of Mr Khalid Hussain Siddiqui


yes indeed he was a man of very kind gentle and loving heart


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