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The Wolf

Posted on: May 4, 2014



Some young men wandered boldly in a deep thick forest. There were wild and dangerous animals in their natural habitat in that forest. Snakes, scorpions and many other poisonous animals wriggled around.

The young men walked very fast with a beautiful and innocent teenager boy.

The boy looked tired and bored.  But the men did not take any notice of him and kept walking.

One of them stopped suddenly at a place and pointed to one side.

He said: “Look there! That’s the well we have come all the way for it.”

They all headed towards the well. In a very short time they reached the well.

Other one looking down in the well said: “You have selected a very good place.  It’s so deserted a place I’m sure no one ever comes here.”

Then with some special exchange of eye gestures they grabbed the boy and took off his shirt. The boy resisted but the men were so strong that he could not defend himself. The men pushed the boy in the well.

A loud scream of the boy was heard. After a while there was complete silence.

After doing this evil act they all laughed cunningly and made fun of the boy. The boy they threw in the well was their step brother.

One of them laughed saying: “Breathe your last in the waterless dark well. Now you can’t see your loving dad any more. Your dad who can’t live without you will never see pamper you.”

They killed an animal later and sprinkling the blood on the shirt went home.

Hazrat Yaqoob (peace is upon him) had sent his beloved son Yousaf with his step brothers for sight seeing. But in hearts of heart he was worried and restless. He was so worried that kept his eyes all the time on the door and waited for their return.

They came. Hazrat Yaqoob’s heart beat fast when he saw his sons came crying.

Hazrat Yaqoob (peace is upon him) asked impatiently: “Why are you crying. Where is Yousaf?”

One of them loudly moaning said: “O, father! We are ruined. We have lost our dear brother forever. Wish we had listened to your advice and not taken him with us.”


2 Responses to "The Wolf"

Sibling envy at its extreme – a familiar story, well narrated here 🙂


Thank you dear Eric. you are so kind and pure soul. you appreciate an ordinary blogger like me who just scribbles. God bless you and your loved ones amen


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