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The Donkey 3

Posted on: May 3, 2014

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When Hazrat Uzair looked around to see his donkey he was surprised. The bones of the donkey were no more bones but somewhat like powder n broken. It meant that donkey’s skeleton was very old.

The angle then touched and moved the bones of the donkey.  The bones started gathering same like Hazrat Uzair’s. Bones turned into skeleton of donkey. Flesh covered the bones. Skin covered the flesh and hair on the skin completed the whole process. The angel then put in the spirit in the body of the donkey. The body moved and the donkey stood up and started to bray.

Hazrat Uzair was showed what he was thinking about.

Hazrat Uzair: “I believe Almighty Allah can do anything. He is the creator and nothing is impossible for Him.”

Riding the same donkey he started for where he lived. He could not believe his eyes as the whole place was changed. There was not anything that he knew was there when he left. Looking all around he saw an old house which looked like his house. So he went and knocked the broken door.

He saw an old blind woman sitting inside.

He asked her: “Is it Uzair’s house?”

Old lady: “yes it is his house but every one has forgotten him.”

Hazrat Uzair: “It’s me Uzair. I was dead for hundred years. Allah has given me new life now.”

Old lady: “Allah always honored Uzair wishes and prayers. Bring back my eye sight. If I get my vision back only then I will believe your words.”

Hazrat Uzair prayed to Allah and waved his hands on her eyes.

The moment Hazrat Uzair’s hands touched her she saw Hazrat Uzair.

Old lady: “I do witness, you are Hazrat Uzair.?

The old lady then told all people about Hazrat Uzair. She also helped him meet his son grand sons. Hazrat Uzair’s son’s age was 110 years and grandson was ninety years old. Hazrat Uzair was 40 years. He was 40 years old when he died. So when he got life again he was of the same age as when he died.

This event is quoted in Quran in Soorah Baqra


Moral of the story: almighty Allah is the Creator. Nothing is impossible for Him. He can create and can destroy. He has the power to bring back to the same position. All praise is to Allah.


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