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Donkey 2

Posted on: May 3, 2014



After one hundred years Allah sent an angel again.

The angel first made Hazrat Uzair’s heart then his eyes.

Hazrat Uzair could see and understand all that was going on.

He saw his bones gathering and formed into the full skeleton. Then he saw bones were laden with flesh. The flesh was then covered with skin. Last of all hair covered the body parts where needed. After the whole body was complete the angel blew the spirit into the body. As soon as the soul got into body Hazrat Uzair sat up at once.

It was done to make Hazrat Uzair understand that this is how dead will beget life.

The angel then asked Hazrat Uzair that how long he stayed dead. Hazrat Uzair said: “May be a day or less.” Because when he was thinking all that it was noon and now it was afternoon only.

The angel: “you remained one hundred years in that condition.”

The angel then pointed towards the bowl that had grape juice and bread pieces.  Hazrat Uzair looked at the juice and bread pieces in the bowl.

They were same as they were when Hazrat Uzair died so he did not believe the angel.

The angel: “look at your donkey now.”


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