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Allah’s camel 2

Posted on: April 28, 2014

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So Allah sent His messengers in every era to guide people of that particular time.

Allah sent almost one million twenty four thousand messengers.

A number of people demanded any messenger of Allah sent for them, to show them miracles. They thought that miracles will prove their identity of being the messenger. They thought that only messengers can show miracles. They said that only miracles could make them believe in oneness of Allah.

The people of Samood bin Aad bin Erum bin Saam bin Nuh (peace be upon him) belonged to north and western areas of Saudi Arab.

The people of Samood built separate palaces and huge houses for summer and winter in the mountains and the valley. They were a very rich nation. But they were very poor character wise. They were severely punished by Allah for their wrong doings. This is also mentioned in Quran.


Allah sent Hazrat Sualeh (peace be upon him) to show them the right way of living.   Hazrat Sualeh was son of Ubaid bin Hazur ibne Samood.

Hazrat Sualeh told people to speak the truth, believe in one Allah and He is the supreme power. But the devil had effected them so wrongly that they did not listen to Hazrat Sualeh’s (peace be upon him) advise.

They teased Hazrat Sualeh and misbehaved with him in return. The people thought that misbehaving will discourage Hazrat Sualeh and he will stop preaching.

One of the leaders of their tribe Junde bin Umro asked Hazrat Sualeh to create a she camel from the stone, who would give plenty of milk. If Hazrat Sualeh creates such a she camel then they would respect him and accept him as messenger of Allah.

Hazrat Sualeh: “Will you believe in what I ask you for if the camel is created?”

The people assured him that they would.

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