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say something

say something

Say something, for tears rip,
Silence breaks tolerance!

kuch tu bolo kay ashk thum jaien
Khamoshi zabt tor deti ha——

Urdu by Razia Subhan




Mother is the one, who’s variant
Affectation have I sighted,
For a while she’s cool shade,
At times she’s akin to sunlight;
From her, learnt the art of living
Her modesty unfurled the ways;
Her honest pearls like words
Enthralled one and all;
Her heart in bosom pure as oyster
Gives pearls, when its blight;
I witness deep wounds she has
Yet she rows life’s boat serenely;
Though after her, life’s desolate
I’ll lighten my heart of her memories;
Time we spent in harmony, with you
O’ mother! Enlighten my liveliness
May Allah be pleased with you—

Urdu composition by Razia Subhan

Children’s United Anthem


They’re Chinese you are, Afghani
We’re Africans they are, Pakistani;
Say we’re all brothers!
O’ people! Listen to us
The world is our home;
Say we’re all brothers!
This entire home’s beloved
Threshold, doors, cupboard;
Say we’re all brothers!
Mountains, oceans, rivers all
Seas, lagoons, ponds, waterfall;
Say we’re all brothers!
Valleys, meadow, fields, and desert
They’re ours, and we go with them;
Say we’re all brothers!
We’re envoy of love and peace!
Wars and conflict are diseases;
Say we’re all brothers!
When will they take in our saying?
The ones who’re illogical unpitying;
Say we’re all brothers!
We’ll widen the scent of knowledge!
Create vigilance of helpful knowledge;
Say we’re all brothers!
All signs of hatred will die out
When we sing this song of accord;
Say we’re all brothers!



Descended from sky

Granted life to die;

Whoever loved must know

He’s dead, without to know;

Going away from my party

Carried away my empathy;

Fascinating me of seashore

Put an end to my existence; 

Who fail to die of death?

Was killed by quarry looks;




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