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I’m the scream of the———

Posted on: November 20, 2013


I’m the scream  of the ambiance,a wail,

Whimpering in a dark gloomy night;

Every phase of Spring is in my grip

I’m the curator of my releif and grief

Ablaze  me in raining eon, considering,

I’m a dwelling  in a  lightning ——;

My lowness is a covert of  elevation,

I’m the pride on earth for the sky;

Aptness of human being is yet in the way,

Deficient state,  I’m discontented tale;

Broken inside, but outwardly I’m,

Surrounded by time without end


Fizah ki cheekh hoon mei, ik fughan hoon,

Undheri raat mei matum kunaan hoon,

Har ik daur e baharaan mere bus mei

Mei apne khaar o gul ki pasbaan hoon

Mujhe bersaat mei aaker jala de

Samjh le berq mei aashyaan hoon

Meri pusti ha raaz e bulandi

Zameen per bhi mei rushk e asmaan hoon

Abhi raahon mei ha takmeel e insaan

Adhoori baat, tishna dastaan hoon

Mere under ki deewarein giri hein

Bazahir mei hisaar e bekaraan hoon

Razia Subhan


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