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A woman of spirit !

Posted on: September 11, 2013


My son often saw this old lady picking weeds, dried and withered branches and conked out brooms form the roadside or from someone’s garden. The scorching sun or the icy weather or rains never hindered her way.

Whenever he saw her near his home, he gave her food and some cash. He asked her about her whereabouts and why does she collect useless things. But the language she spoke was French for my son. But they exchanged friendly smiles seeing each other.

One day my son saw her on the roadside plucking flowers and weeds. Fortunately I can speak and comprehend some regional languages of my homeland so he brought her home.

She is a Pathan. What she told me was painful. She said; “I’m a widow. My son is a cobbler. He has six children. All of them are under ten years of age. Her daughter in law is paralyzed. One child is epileptic.”

“Why do you collect grass and weeds?”  I asked in Pashto. “We cook weeds as we can’t afford to buy veggies, leave aside meat.” She said.

“What do you gather torn brooms.” she replied; “I remake brooms and sell them.”I hate begging.  Life is to be lived and cherished! She said chuckling.

One doesn’t have to be educated to be wise, patient and gratified to the Creator. Her gleaming eyes and skeptical smile said so much to me.

Life itself is a living book of knowledge that teaches something unique and new every moment. May we learn and practice what it teaches us. amen

20 Responses to "A woman of spirit !"

Makes me feel sad for her, yet hopeful to know such. And it makes me ashamed too, how people like me complain about not getting minor luxuries and people like her are thankful though deprived of major essentials.
Great post, thanks for sharing!


thank you for reading and feeling the agony of the deprived.May we all be able to share their problems and extend our hands to help them


Proud of this old lady, there’s so much that young ones begging out could learn from this lovely woman.


Great woman. Yeah u r rite these pearls r scattered everywhere. Your son is doing grt job MashAllah


Didi app apna email bhejenge please




Didi aap ko Tao Te Ching mail pe bhej diya hai

Please check your mail


haan beta mil gaya ha thank you.


thank you ab Sufi ke baare mein PDF bjejunga


thank you didi take care


What a strong woman and with such noble ideals, so very rare in this modern age. Thank you for sharing her story.


thanks for dropping by. please do visit again. thank you. stay blessed


:(May Allah swt guide us.ameen


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