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Loneliness is a powerful feeling of emptiness

Solitude is a powerful feeling of fullness

 Time ————— al-‘Asr 

In the name of God, the Gracious, the Merciful.

1. By time.

2. The human being is in loss.

3. Except those who believe, and do good works, and encourage truth, and recommend patience.





A perfect summer day is when the sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, the birds are singing, and the lawnmower is broken.thumb_COLOURBOX5225655

John-Fish-Birds-16 Love, like a fish,

Dies when water dries;

Not like birds,

Fly, when water dries

Bibi Marīam radiallahu’anhu

Mary ( Marīam in Arabic), the mother of  Jesus (Essa alaihessalam), is considered one of the most righteous women in the Islamic tradition. She is also the only woman mentioned by name in the Quran. According to the Quran, Essa alaihessalam was born miraculously by the will of Allah without a father. His mother is regarded as an honorable and virtuous woman and is said to have been a virgin. The Quran states clearly that Isa alaihessalam was the result of a virgin birth, but that neither Marīam radiallahu’anhu nor her son was divine. In the Quran, no other woman is given more attention than Marīam radiallahu’anhuand the Quran states that Marīam radiallahu’anhu was chosen above all women:

Behold! The angels said: “O Marīam ! Allah hath chosen thee and purified thee- chosen thee above the women of all nations.”

—Quran, Surah 3 (Al- Imaran), verse 42

The 19th chapter of the Quran is named after her and is, to some extent, about her life. Of Quran’s 114 Surah she is among only eight people who have a chapter named after them.

Muslim literature narrates that Amram and his wife were old and childless.  One day, the sight of a bird in a tree feeding her young aroused Hanna’s desire for a child. She prayed to Allah to fulfill her desire and vowed, if her prayer was accepted, that her child would be dedicated to the service of Allah. She prayed for her child to remain protected from Satan  and Muslim tradition records a HADITH, which states that the only  born without the “touch of Satan,” were Marīam radiallahu’anhu and Essa  alaihesalam .

Bibi Marīam  radiallahu’anhu is believed to have been buried at the Tomb of the virgin Marīam radiallahu’anhu  in the Kidorn Valley, at the foot of the Mount of Olives, in Jerusalem. 


There are four women who enjoy supremacy over other women and one of the great personalities out of them is

Bibi Khadija Radiallahu’anhu on whose honor and supremacy a verse of Holy Quran stand witness that says: “Rasul, We found you poor, and then we made you wealthy.”
 Hazrat Khadija was born in Makkah. Her family was the noblest and the most honorable in all Arabia. Her family was distinguished not only by its wealth but also by the content of its character.

Before Islam, Bibi Khadija Khuwaylid was the Princess of Makkah. When the sun of Islam rose above the horizon, Allah was pleased to make her the Princess of Islam also. Allah was also pleased to make her the Mother of the Believers, as He says in His Book: The support that Bibi Khadija gave to the Muslim community in Makkah was indispensable for the survival of Islam. Her support to the Muslim community guaranteed its survival when it was in a state of blockade. In this sense, she was a maker of history -the history of Islam. 

 Hazrat Muhammad Sallallaho alaihewassalam’s marriage with Bibi Khadija Radiallahu’anhu took place about fifteen years before the beginning of the Revelation, he being 25, and she was 40. She was a rich widow and ran a large trade of her own.

It was she who offered herself in marriage to the Holy Prophet Muhammad Sallallaho alaihewassalam who was associated with her in trading ventures. From the time of her marriage with the Holy Prophet till her death, over a period of twenty years, she gave her husband ease of circumstances, and deep love and devotion.
Bibi Khadija Radiallahu’anhu bore the Beloved Sallallaho Alaihewassalam six children; the first born was named Syeda Qasim, after whom, according to Arab custom, the Holy Prophet Sallallaho Alaihewassalam received the Title “Abul Qasim” or “the father of Qasim”. Then was born Abdullah. All of them passed away in their infancy. Amongst the daughters Syeda Ruqayya Radiallahu’anhu was the eldest, then Syeda Zaynab Radiallahu’anhu, Syeda Umm Kulsoom Radiallahu’anhu and the last and best known of them was Syeda Fatima Radiallahu’anhu.

 Prophet Sallallaho Alaihewassalam never married another woman for twenty years when Bibi Khadija was alive.

 “Never was I jealous of any of the Prophet’s wives”, said Bibi Ayesha Radiallahu’anhu (the youngest and beloved wife), “but Bibi Khadija, although I never saw her. Her sweet memory never blurred in the Prophet’s heart.  

Bibi Ayesha once said;   “Once I hurt his feelings on this issue and he replied gravely, “Allah has blessed me with her love. She believed in me when none else did. She embraced Islam when people disbelieved me.  She helped and comforted me when there was none else to lend me a helping hand.”
Without her sacrifices, Islam would not have flourished. He said Bibi Khadija Radiallahu’anhu home had become a shelter not only for Rasul Sallallaho alaihewassalam but for all Muslims. Bibi Khadija tul Kubra Radiallahu’anhu had been the protector and defender in the initial and most difficult era of Islam. She utilized all her wealth all around to spreading of Islam. 
The great Muslim lady Bibi Khadija Radiallahu’anhu passed away on 10th Ramadan in the tenth year of Hijri, 620 CE, at the age of 65. 
Her death was a great loss to the Prophet Sallallaho alaihewassalam .The Holy Prophet Sallallaho alaihewassalam was grieved to the extent that he declared the year of death of Hazrat Abu Talib Radiallahu’anha (his uncle) and Bibi Khadija Radiallahu’anhu as the year of mourning.  

  The Character of Khadija Radiallahu’anhu is the beacon of light for women at large in every era. 


The Blind Man and the Whelp



There was once a blind man. He could judge the breed of an animal by just placing his hands on it. To test his skill the people brought him a young wolf one day. He carefully examined the animal but being doubtful said, “I don’t know whether your father was a dog or a wolf. However I would not trust you among a flock of sheep.”

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