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Noor is illumination

Posted on: March 22, 2013

Noor and Isra

Congratulations to Noor  (my grandson)  and his partner winning 3rd position in NJ Science Olympaid State final again this year! Seems we got helicopter expert in family now!


2013 Helicopters Pic- the picture that is online

New Image1

 IMG_0478- a pic of my medal logo
IMG_0435- a pic of the helicopters that won 3rd place (event – Helicopters)
IMG_0290– a pic of the helicopter that won 7th place (event – Rotor Egg Drop)New Image2


16 Responses to "Noor is illumination"

Congratulations, proud grandma and well done to Noor 😀


Thanks dear Eric for being a friend and always caring 🙂


Thanks Anu Dadi 🙂


Wow.. Brilliant! Calls for celebration 😉


Congratulations on excellent job..


You are one proud grandma! 🙂


this is a fantastic achievement for sure! congratulations to noor!


Congratulations to your grandson & the grandma 🙂


thank you Ranju for visiting reading and encouraging. Bright blessings:) shes my granddaughter Lena who wrote it.

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Oh I’m sorry. Congrats to your grand daughter. 😀 I was thrilled when I found a ‘Grandma’ blogging. I love my Grandmom. More than my parents. And so, I have a soft corner for all the Grandmoms in the world. I’m so looking forward to reading your blogs. 🙂

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Ranju my dear age does effect lol, he’s my grandson hahhhaa, actually my grandchildren are bloggers. this was written by my grandson in USA, Granddaughter Lena is in Boston, she wrote on Tawakal and won a prize too. then my youngest grandson Hasnain also writes. hes in Dubai. where are you? ‘im in Karachi Pakistan. i feel very happy to to be in your list:) thank you


Wow! A family of writers 😀 I’m from Kerala, South of India. And Thank You for finding my blog and following. 🙂 🙂

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love you my dear 🙂 do visit my blogs. im reading yours and enjoying:)

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Sure I will 🙂 Definitely!!! 😀

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