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Knick-knacks or reminders

Posted on: February 13, 2013

It surprises me that why do people confess their likeness, fondness, affection and love to their loved ones, just once in a year!

Like on, valentine’s day; confess love to sweetheart, regards on mother’s day, father’s day, teachers’ day and thanksgiving to their family and so many other days which I’m ignorant of———

 Allah, God, Bhagwan, Eeshwar, Lord or whatever name one likes to give to the Creator, created this world to spread joy, harmony kindness, endurance and brotherhood among each other and to love every living soul. the flora and fauna, mountains, rivers and all living or non living things. Because even particles of sand, when united form desert, drops of water make ocean and so on and so forth. So please share, care and tolerate each other with respect, as this is what we are born for- not just once in a year.

 Even almighty Allah asks to pray and supplicate. He Himself needs our attention for love begets love. A baby needs care and love all the time not just once a year. Plants need air water and sunshine to grow and glow on regular basis so love needs to cherished and practiced and acknowledged daily not reminded one a year only. I hope I have conveyed my feelings.


3 Responses to "Knick-knacks or reminders"

I agree. We need to show the people we love. Care and concern year around.


We show and shower our love everyday by our thoughts, words and actions – and cap it all with a private celebration on our anniversary. Then, once a year we join the world in common celebration.

I see similarities in our relationship with God – everyday we profess and (try to) live our Faith but once a year, we join the world to celebrate.

This would be a more generous interpretation, I reckon, because everyone has their beliefs.

And you are so right Tanveer, dear – we must love every Creation.

Peace, Eric 🙂


Agreed dear Eric:) thank you for reminding me:) God bless you and your loved ones always n ever ameen


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