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O’ winds listen!

O’ milieu listen!

My little, innocent, dear

Son is lost somewhere;

Trust me! Trust me!

On the land, in the sky

Where on earth he isL

He stepped out of home, for

School, with a small satchel

And, lots of childish wishes;

Hugging him, I used to tell him

My love, you’re, hope of the land

Fostering I nourished him myself;

Sang lullabies to make him sleep

That beloved, is lost somewhere

Trust me! Trust me!

 Search for him please!

Tell him, his mother’s waiting

 For him on doorstep, since long

 She’s desperate to see him;

Ask him if, he’s angry with me,

Tell him, I’ll hum him lullaby

Search for him please!

 Hearing mother’s plea, the sky

Shed tears, the earth sobbed;

Silently they whispered,

Forget him, forget him, as thy

Little darling son, is no more;

He is dead

He’s been shot dead!

Dedicated to all innocent children who were brutally shot dead recently in a school in USA, and many others who were killed by drone attacks or by street killers around the world


 Donkeys are known to be silly and brainless. Though they carry heavy loads and are a great help for human beings. Their voice is horrifying, so, when they bray, people desire to bring to an end. Once, a donkey while going through a forest with its master saw a lion’s skin lying under a tree.  Some hunters may have forgotten to take it with them.

One day the donkey in secret went to the same place where he had seen the lion’s skin. He was happy to see it there. He put it on.  He felt very proud thinking himself like a real King.

He walked around the Jungle frightening all the foolish animals in this disguise.   

On the way he saw a fox. He tried to frighten him too, but, in his delight he opened his mouth and brayed in triumph.

   The fox that was running in fright recognized the donkey’s voice.  Hence it stopped suddenly and laughingly said: “If you really want to frighten me you have to snarl like the lion too. Your braying exposed you.”


Moral of the Story:

Fine clothes may disguise a fool, but silly words will give him away.

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