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World Especial Children Day (3rd December 2012)

Posted on: November 29, 2012

A message on “World Especial Children Day”

             In the name of Allah, who is most kind and beneficial!
Almighty Allah created and beautified this world for human beings.
Adam being the first man of human race is the best creation of Allah.
Allah taught Adam the names of all things beforehand, to seek and explore the universe, making it more beautiful and peaceful place to live and cherish.
For this reason;
  “Friends of Adam”, aim to make this earth a happy place to live.
Adam bin Tahir was born in Karachi on November 24, 1997. He was only 18 inches long weighing one half kg only. He could be identified as a human baby though he was underweight and small in size. It was not easy for mother to hold this frail being too.
When he was only 11 months old, it was realized that for some moments his brain didn’t get sufficient oxygen which affected him by weakening his left eye, nose, left ear, left arm and left leg.
He got his first seizure of epilepsy when he was just a five year child. Though he was physically and mentally a weak and especial child, his parents decided not to give up, but to face bravely, making the Weakness of their child his Strength!
They were determined to prove that children like Adam are not sent futile beings by Almighty. They can be groomed into successful citizens with love and consistent endeavor.
Adam was admitted to a school, but his weakness held back his progress from other children. Hence he was taken to a school for especial children, Mile Stone. The name of the school proved to be the real mile stone for Adam.
His latent abilities started to emerge and burnish there.
Today Adam has proved his worth. He is no more a disabled boy now.
He is an orator, a painter, a teacher, a sportsman, a counselor and you name it and he’s there. He can face any challenge in public with confidence.
Adam is an honorary student of renowned Indus Valley School, a volunteer of SUIT ( Sindh Institute of Urology & transplantation). He is also an honorary member of FPCCI
( Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce).
He was invited and interviewed by many T.V Channels and FM radio.
Print media like newspapers and magazines in the same way publish his interviews.
He uses his competence to help and serve mankind. He offered his voluntary services to collect funds for the tsunami sufferers.
He was a loved and respected teacher of jailbirds in Juvenile Jail.
Now he has decided to host TVs programs as anchor person to motivate children like him to strife hard, face the challenges of life bravely like him, and prove the world that they are not to be discarded, disrespected or humiliated. They are same as other people having all abilities.
They only need moral support, especially from the family and from society as well.
Adam is also rendering his services as councilor to, The Education Foundation. There he not only inspire and encourage children like him but also guides their parents how to bring out and polish the hidden abilities of their child. They should not feel derided to have such children but thank Almighty for having being granted with angels. Adam has a long list of friends from all prominent walks of life. As a result he has formed and registered an association as, Friends of Adam Welfare Association (Reg: PCSW(S)1404)
Adam reassures parents, that love can do wonders. Love and care can bring life, pleasure and feeling of being wanted in such angles. Taking good care of especial children not helps prosper the family and country but also pleases Allah. They are the chosen ones. Love them respect them and support them. Islam also gives us the message that faith in unity is strength.
 Friends of Adam Welfare Association,” invite all those who feel the same and wish to do the same to join hands with them in this humane cause.
                                     When in doubt, ———–love
                                     When in fear, ———— love
                                     When in anger, ———- love
                                    When in confusion, —– -love
                                    When in pain, ————- love
                                    When in bliss, ————    love
                                    When in love, ———–    love
                                    Love, always————-    love
                                  Because Almighty Allah is love!
                                              by Tanveer Rauf

8 Responses to "World Especial Children Day (3rd December 2012)"

Well done Adam, keep it up.


What a beautiful story of how love and support has helped this young man grow and flourish into such a unique human being. Every life is valuable. This has so many messages. Thanks for sharing.


You are welcome Edie my friend:)


Lovely! May Allah bless Adam and give him more courage to help and support the humanity.
We need to follow the footsteps of such brave souls.
Thank Mrs. Rauf for penning such a wonderful success story.


JazakAllah M.A.Amin beta


the final quote is superb tanveer. blessed is the soul that can love under any circumstances.

beautiful post, thanks for sharing.


Thanks for letting me camp out in your blog for a little while today. I had a great time and tried to leave my campsite as good as when I arrived. I’ll be back in a couple of weeks!


Thanks for reading my blog. will be honored if you spare some moments again please. Stay blessed


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