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The Ant and the Grasshopper

Posted on: November 26, 2012

The ants were busy keeping the grains of wheat which they gathered round during summer to help them stay alive in freezing months of winter.

A weedy and drawn out grasshopper came to one of the ants. He was very hungry. Seeing the active ants, he asked for a handful of food from the Ants’ Food Store to save his life.

The ant who was in charge of the Store asked, “What were you doing during the summer while we all were collecting and saving the foodstuff, for the rainy days?”

The grasshopper replied recklessly, “Oh! I was also not resting. I was busy singing and wandering in forest all summer long.”

With the sneer the ant locking his grain door said, “Well! Since you sang all summer, it looks as though you have to dance all winter.”


Moral of the story: It is wise to save today for the needs of tomorrow.



4 Responses to "The Ant and the Grasshopper"

This is true but maybe next year, the grasshopper can play and sing for the ants while they work so that they may be inspired. Therefore he will be doing his job! We all have our jobs to do. 🙂


hahahahahha- I like it 🙂


I guess the grasshoppers living in warm weather are the lucky ones,they can sing and dance all year long.Winter is arrived in Canada already and we the “grasshoppers” are confused as where to find food.Thanks for the wise moral 🙂


I’m so happy that you read and commented my dear one. you are my sweetheart


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