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Once upon a time, a fox was walking alongside a field. Cool breeze and hopping rabbits and birds were fun to watch.  The sly fox was engrossed in enjoying the sightseeing.  After sometime it wanted to rest for a while before going to its home. As it was evening and   getting dark, so she didn’t  see the well.  As soon as stepped on the wall, she fell down into the well.  Though she tried very hard but couldn’t get out. When she was about to give up, just then, a goat came to quench its thirst from the same well.

“What on earth! Are you doing down there?”  The goat asked in astonishment.

“Haven’t you heard about the severe shortage of water in the forest? So as soon as I heard that, I jumped down here. Here is enough water. It is the best water I have ever tasted. I have drunk so much that I cannot move. I would also advise you to come down too.” The sly Fox said.

When the Silly goat heard that, he immediately jumped into the well without thinking. The fox at once jumped onto the goat’s back, and using its long  strong horn, climbing,  got out of the well safely.

After getting out he gave the unhappy goat, the following advice.

“Next time, make sure to look before you leap”.


Moral of the story: It is not safe to trust the advice of a man in difficulties.

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