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A lamp of hope alone

When, builds a home in dark

Smiles, at its being there!

In the midst of hope and wishes;

Know what, it’s unaware of

The   wicked tricks of cruelty;

Who went beyond the darkness?

Who brought info of radiance?

A lamp of hope alone!

When fondles on my lap,

How deeply my heart aches;

Its bright twinkling eyes,

If couldn’t give vision, but

I promise to guide the way

To the dense forests’ border

Show footprints of those gone;

 A lamp of hope alone

That shimmers in my patio,

I feel drawn to it, lovingly

In its soft dim radiance


On a bright and sunny winter morning, a small fly was buzzing around here and there in a meaningless way.  It saw a bull grazing and enjoying warm sunlight in the pasture with other cows and bulls.  When the fly got bored of flying, it sat on one of the horns of a bull.

The fly just to get attention said to the bull fluttering her wings: “Mr. Bull, for give me please, if you feel my weight! I will fly away at once.”

The bull very proud of it self, replied calmly, “Oh, you tiny feeble thing! I didn’t even feel your being there.  It doesn’t matter  at all, if you stay or go.”

Moral of the story: The smaller the mind the greater is its pride.

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