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The Hares are very shy and timid animals.  Even a moving shadow scares them. Being submissive they can’t defend them so believe that they are the most harassed of all animals.

They thought everyone was their enemy.

One rainy day they lost all hope for life. They couldn’t find any shelter to save them from the heavy rainfall. The hunger also bothered them.  The future looked completely dark to them.  

There was nothing left for them but, to kill themselves. So, wasting no more time, they hurriedly darted to a nearby lake. They decided to dive into the water to be drowned. They thought that dying will solve their problems of life.

   But as they got near the brink of the lake, they saw a large number of frogs on the shore. The Hares were surprised to see the frogs in panic.

 Spreading fright and croaking, the frogs jumped into the water.

   “Hold on!” cried the hare that was in the lead. “Let us not be in hurry. Surely our case is not so hopeless yet, for here are other poor animals that are even more spiritless than us.”


There is always someone worse off than you are.

  Be thankful to Allah for what you have!

Don’t look at me in amazement folk

What to share of my vim and vigor? 

I’m the script of, writer of epoch;

I’m portrayal of hope and despair,

I’m rundown of vision, so what?

My inherent eyes are very bright;

I can see the vista, that are hidden

From the ones, who have eyes—–;

If, one of arm is, insensitive, so what

I’ve not lost, the whole lot————

My other is very powerful, that

I can by far, abide the yoke of life,

Can beat, the egotism of normalcy;

If my feet are powerless, to walk,

My intellect is, brilliantly efficient;

My imagination ability is far beyond,

I can think a lot better, than you;

The ones, who consider me, disable,

The ones, who consider me useless

Are naive that, nothing is futile here;

It’s a fact that you are better than me

And I may be short of some abilities

But, this inability is not real inability,

My disability is beyond my capacity,

 Don’t disregard me!

Don’t consider me alien!  

Goals, I can’t achieve though,

Can’t survive, enduring   futile!

Don’t look at me in amazement folk



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