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In the olden times, the in- laws had great regards for their sons in law.

Luckily Sheikh Chilly got married too.

When Sheikh Chilli visited his in laws for the first time, he was given a warm welcome.

Lazy and sluggish by nature Sheikh Chilly stayed for many days with his in-laws. He enjoyed the rich delicious food and comforts on hand. Besides that, he got a lot out of his day dreaming too.

When he got fed up of rich food and felt home sick he begged to leave.

Since there were no hotels or transport in those times, Sheikh Chilly asked his mother in law to cook something for him to eat on the way. He requested that the eatables be simple, light, tasty and easy to carry.

His mother in law cooked fried beans. She put them in a box and handing them over to Chilly, bade him good-bye.

Sheikh Chilly tasted some beans and cherished the aroma and flavor.

Sheikh Chilly had a weak memory so he kept repeating, “fried beansfried beans” while walking along.

He repeated fried beans continuously so that when he gets home he can ask his wife to cook fried beans for him.

It is said that continuous repetition of any word changes its pronunciation. So it did. Instead of fried beans it changed to fly birds.

Chilly was passing through a meadow repeating nonstop, fly birds.

biologist had lain down a big net, which was invisible to the naked eye to catch birds. He had spread grains on the net to attract and catch birds.

Sheikh Chilly striding, lost in his dreamland, repeating, “Fly birds, fly birds marched along.”

The birds gripped in grief in the net, started fluttering.

Seeing this biologist got furious. His all day’s effort was going down the drain. So he caught poor Sheikh Chilly by his collar and gave him good hard blows.

Chilly yelled and asked him the reason for bullying and beating.

The biologist glared: “Now you ask me a reason.  I have been trying to catch these birds since morning and now when they were nearly trapped, you made them fly away.”

Chilly: “Dear friend I did not mean to harm you. Actually I was memorizing the name of the dish my mother in law cooked for me so that I don’t forget the name by the time I reach home. I intended to ask my wife to make those things again.”

Biologist howled: “Now repeat the words I tell you. Come and eat, come and eat.”

Chilly had no other choice than to repeat the words proposed by the biologist. So he started again for his home repeating, “come n eat come n eat.”

He had not gone very far when he came across a field where a farmer was sowing seeds. The farmer was trying to keep the birds away from his field so that they do not eat the seeds and wipe out his effort.

When the farmer heard a man repeatedly asking the birds loudly to come n eat come n eat. He lost his temper and clutched Chilli by his neck and gave him punch and blows on his face and back.

Poor Chilly was flabbergasted as to why he was treated that brutally by everyone.

Chilly sobbing: “Why did you beat me so cruelly? What have I done wrong?”

Farmer ferociously said: “What have you done? You stupid man, I worked so hard to plough and level the ground then I watered and softened the mud so I could sow wheat grains. I thought of harvesting it when it turned ripe and sell it then become rich. You were trying to ruin my plans. Instead of praying you were casting a curse.”

Chilly innocently said: “O, dear friend, I didn’t mean to harm you or cause you any loss. I am sorry; now tell me what I should say?”

The farmer felt sorry too for being so rude to Chilly so he asked him to say, “two in one two in one.” The farmer thought that these words might double his production.

Chilly repeating the words, “two in one and two in one”, strolled off.

He had walked a few miles when he saw many people going in the same direction. Being imaginative and a fantasist he followed them too.

It was a big ground. Hundreds of people had gathered to see a serial killer to be hanged.

Chilly was watching with keen interest repeating the words, two in one, and two in one. After some time the police brought the criminal. The relatives and family of the criminal followed the criminal in police custody.

When the repentant and lament family of the criminal was who was to be hanged, passed by Chilly, they heard him repeatedly saying; “two in one, two in one,” they lost their temper. They forgot that they were crying a few moments back. They started beating poor Chilly ruthlessly.

Poor Chilly begged them to listen to him. He said that he was saying the words as directed by the farmer and not, on his own.

A man kicked hard disbelieving Chilly. Chilly pleaded them that he would say exactly what they ask him to repeat.

“Now you should say, “may his soul rest in peace, may his soul rest in peace.”

Wounded and heartbroken Chilly slowly walked repeating, “May his soul rest in peace.”

He was feeling hungry and weak so he sat and ate his fried beans. After taking a nap he started again for home. He reached a place where he saw musical band playing wedding tune for the groom. Everyone was in a cheerful mood. A wedding ceremony was being held.

Ladies dressed up in colorful dresses added beauty to the scene and children danced with the music. The hosts of the ceremony charmingly served the guests.

Chilly stopped by to enjoy the scene too. Chilly enjoying the show repeatedly said the words too, “may your soul rest in peace, and May your soul rest in peace.”

The groom’s father heard Chilly cursing his son repeatedly so he asked his other sons to beat Chilly to the extent that he forgets to even talk. Chilly’s was head was banged against the wall and kicked and punched. Chilly was about to faint when they stopped beating and asked him to get lost. Chilly asked them forgiveness and asked what to utter instead.

The father thought n directed Chilly to keep on saying: “May this take place again, may this take place again,”

Limping and sobbing chilly repeated the words, “May this take place again,”

 Chilly’s bad luck was not over yet. Unfortunately he arrived at a cemetery where a funeral service was going on.

With eyes down he walked repeating nonstop, “May this take place again, May this take place again.”

The serene moaners hearing Chilly’s cursing words lost their patience and started beating the already beaten Chilly.

Chilly did not understand why he was beaten by everyone so cruelly. It was beyond his imagination. He had never ever dreamt that such a frightening incident could even take place. He was so respectful. He followed every one’s advice on the way. “What was wrong,” he could not understand.

He told them that he did not say the words himself but was told by the former party to say those words. “Why don’t you hit those who made me say this?”

Finally he asked them what he should say now so that when he gets home he could ask his wife to cook for him.

The people were surprised to hear Chilly. So to get rid of him they asked him to say, “Say whatever you like.”

When he reached home his wife got disturbed to see him with worn out clothes and bruises all over his face and body.

“My dear, just cook, “Say whatever you like” before I forge, then ask about my condition and me.

Moral:  common sense is not very common

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