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Posted on: November 9, 2012

I’m not your dream’s revelation,

Since I have chains around my feet

The walls of ritual, epoch are there;

I’m cloaked by communal pressure,

A path of grief placed under my feet;

Buried in the prison’s rampart——-

Wearing ornaments of yoke and chains;

Each person’s stern eye, watch me

Deep-seated is the heart’s wound;

Thorns of life have pricked the garb,

Not only body, the spirit, bleeds too;

My breathing is but, pin drop silence,

 Bearing loss, in contract of hearts;

Words and deeds are hesitant

Sadness dribbles heart and soul;

I’m astonished at my own self,

Every route around me is bleak;

Have no image impact on mind,

I’m not your dream’s revelation,



6 Responses to "Insight"

once again I am amazed at the fluency of the language…you have got me right…find no words to thank you my dear


adaab, khsuh rahein jette rahein 🙂 heaps of hugs n regards


lovely translation and expressively illustrated , full command on the flow of emotion , thanks for transforming feelings of one language in another language with utmost accuracy . love u


thank you Shaista for uplifting my moral once again as usual


I have rarely come across such eloquence of poetry as in your poems, my lady. Every letter, every word.. even the spaces and commas have left my mind resonating the shivers now trembling in the “red chambers” within the chest.

“I’m not your dream’s revelation,
Since I have chains around my feet” — even the first two lines have my heart captured between them. This is what I call true poetry — that which jabs the iota of the world.

I feel that not only have the thorns of life pricked the garb, but the thorns have tattered the garb of humanity as well — to a point where our race are slowly forgetting the thread of being “humane as a human”.

It is a pleasure to have found your abode, my lady.
May Allah bless your pen and its ink forever. Amen.


jazakAllah. im humbled and pay all my hearfelt cordial warmth to you and your loved ones


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