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The Boy and the Filberts

Posted on: October 25, 2012









One day mother placed candies, nuts, chocolates, toffees and filberts in a jar to distribute among children on her son’s birthday party along with other goody bags. She did not tell her children about all this. But her youngest boy saw her hiding the container, from, behind the door.

The boy anxiously waited for his mother to go out of the home so he could enjoy the feast all by himself. So, when she left the house for marketing, the boy got a chance to fulfill his craving.

He dragged a stool to the cupboard where his mother had put the treasure. Though standing on the stool, Ali had to stand on his toes to put his hand in the jar. He was only a four years old kid.

Ali put his hand into a large container and greedily took as many as his hand could possibly hold. But when he tried to pull it out, he could not, as the opening of the jar was not big enough for his fist.

Ali was not willing to lose any, yet unable to take out his hand.  He began to cry.  He angrily complained about his hard fortune. His big brother, Bilal had been watching him right through.  So giving a sensible advice said: “Hold only half of the quantity, my boy, and you will easily succeed.”


Moral of the story:

Half a loaf is better than no bread.



5 Responses to "The Boy and the Filberts"

its true really impressive


I like the way you write this. Sounds like his brother had experience! Of course it’s the lesson that counts.


all children specially the boys are sneaky 🙂


very wise words which very rare people remember when the time comes!


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