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The LION the BEAR and the FOX

Posted on: October 8, 2012

A lion and a bear were two good friends.  One fine  sunny day while passing through the forest,

they found a dead body of a young deer. Both were very hungry, as it was midday. Each one of them wanted to eat  the whole of it. So being animals, and being selfish, unlike humans, they fought wildly with each other.  After a long furious fight both fell on the ground badly injured. They lay breathless on the ground having no strength to even touch the dead animal that lay before them. A sly fox  saw the scene while passing through.

She noticed the helpless condition of the two wild animals. So the bold fox took away the deer over which they had fought, for so long. And without even a word of thanks took it away into his lair and enjoyed eating it herself.

Moral of the Story: When two  fight over some thing, the third  takes the advantage of the situation.


1 Response to "The LION the BEAR and the FOX"

Greed leads to pain and empty bellies for both, not to mention a damaged friendship. Another great tale, Tanveer!!


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