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Aziz Bhatti Shaheed part 3

Posted on: October 4, 2012

Raja Aziz had 4 sons and 2 daughters. He was very courteous to his neighbors and the people in his vicinity. He valued his family and children. He gave full time to his family when home. He fondly played with his little ones.
On 6th September 1965 he was playing with his youngest son Zulfi after breakfast when a military jeep stopped in front of his home. He was asked to proceed to the front. India has attacked Pakistan .
His son Zulfi asked him if there was any war. Aziz affirmed so Zulfi encouraged his father to fight bravely and never show cowardice to the enemy. Aziz felt proud of his sons motivating words. Aziz told his son that if he meets martyre’s death then Zulfi should not shed tears. He should concentrate on studies more earnestly to achieve high status in society.
When raja Aziz reached the border he found that the enemy had already advanced towards Pakistani area and dreamt of hoisting their flag in Lahore . India had won victory in Hadyara. Raja’ opened heavy artillery gunshots compelling India to take defending position.
India damaged a second floor of a nearby building.
Raja was observing their line of action. Major Shafqat resisted the enemy for 9 long hours with his company but finally he had to retreat for staying there would have caused grave casualties to Pakistani soldiers.
 Raja however determinedly fought and succeeded with almighty Allah’s benevolence.
Raja watched the enemy’s movement whole night. The sun of 7th September brought shameful defeat to India .  Raja with his fellow men earnestly begged for Allah’s help in Morning Prayer to support them defend their beloved motherland. With strong conviction in almighty Allah they opened gunshots killing Indian soldiers on that post.  Gunshots were so intense that ammunition caught fire and burnt into ashes.
On third night of constant combating he was ordered by his commanding officer to return from the location for some rest. Raja Aziz convinced his officer that his presence was most needed where he was. Hawaldar Ikram brought foodstuff. Raja ate few small morsels and busied himself again in gunfire. The situation was getting critical as Indians was a huge army and Pakistani was short in man power and ammo both.
They advanced towards BRB Canal . Raja Aziz was amid very risky location and under observation of Indians. Raja Aziz was ordered to move back for some rest for he was constantly awake for 120 hours. Raja in return preferred death to rest on bed. He implored he was more at ease there. Fighting for country provided him with more spiritual strength.
Constant waking swelling up eyes he could hardly blink.  He lay on the stretcher for a while but again got to his feet. He knew that a little negligence could result in immense loss.
For the first time after many days he combed his hair on 12th September. During morning tea he asked his Subedaar Ghulam Muhammad who was a palmist to foretell if Aziz will be martyred or not. Ghulam predicted that raja will die a martyre’s death but the time is unknown. Raja told Ghulam that his martyrdom was very close. Raja asked his orderly to bring him new uniform. His orderly brought a uniform but it was some one else’s. Raja implored that uniform and shroud should be one’s own.
Indians started heavy fire. Raja was asked to move away as it was dangerous to stand on that spot. Raja refused and believed in Allah’s consent. Life and death is gift from Allah. Raja destroyed two tanks of India and realized his childhood dream of tank war. Massive bomb blast in front of him the deafening sound and dust made every one believe that raja was killed.
Every one was pleased to see him alive and thanked Allah for saving Raja. Raja was very popular among his comrades. Raja was very caring. He moved forward himself in every complex mission and guarded his comrades.
Raja Aziz was observing enemy’s position with binoculars when all of a sudden a gunshot hit him on the chest making 9 inches deep and 4 inches wide wound. Raja Aziz Bhatti met his eternity. He was martyred.
Major Raja Aziz Bhatti was a committed practicing Muslim. He was well versed and a good writer and translator too. He could fluently speak Urdu, Punjabi, English, Chinese and Japanese.
In 1950 he was awarded with sword of honor by the first Prime Minister of Pakistan Shaheed-e Millat Liaquat Ali Khan.
Raja Aziz believed that:    Where there’s a will there’s a way!

2 Responses to "Aziz Bhatti Shaheed part 3"

It’s something when you think Aziz were to die, he didn’t then when it’s least likely he did. He let nothing stand in his way. There is no death to fear, as it’s a gift from Allah. I really like this.


Thank you so much for appreciating a soldier’s bravery 🙂


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