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Aziz Bhatti Shaheed part 2

Posted on: October 2, 2012

Nonetheless Raja was slender and fragile and allergic to dust had great liking for tanks and artillery war.

He was not only a scholarly boy he was a fine player of foot ball, hockey and tennis. He was very melodious too. He played flute and mouth organ beautifully.  For incredible performances he won many prizes and got scholarships.

It was a year of relief and grief for the family. Aziz passed his matric exams successfully and brought relief and joy to the family. On the other hand Japan invaded Hong Kong Aziz had to leave his studies.

Though scholarship was approved of by the British Government on request of Principal of Queen’s College, Aziz signed up in Japanese Navy as “watch and ward”. His extraordinary diligence attained him “Head watchman”.

His two brothers were already in Japanese Navy. Aziz gradually stepped forward with his perseverance thus promoted to do Naval Captaincy Course.

When Japan lost war Abdullah’s family suffered imprisonment and hardships too.

Eventually when released from jail they came to Lahore in 1945.

After returning from Hong Kong in 1945 Raja Aziz and his brothers took up teaching in a high school as their livelihood.

Raja Aziz did not approve of teaching and quitting joined Indian air force as airmen.

Raja Aziz was married to Zarina, the daughter of Naib Subedaar Akram-uddin-Bhatti in June 1946.  Though Zarina was literate, Aziz further educated her, developing more confidence in her.

After Pakistan came into being they moved to Rawalpindi . Aziz applied for commission in Pakistan armed forces. He was joined Pakistan Military Academy Kakool.  Due to his extraordinary competence and proficiency he was promoted to the rank of Second Lieutenant.

One day during morning walk Aziz saw an old man carrying a heavy load of timber on his head. Aziz voluntarily took the load himself and facilitated the old man. It was his inborn quality to share and help others.

Every one appreciated him of the fine qualities he had except for his wife. Zarina disapproved of his habit of not bargaining when shopping. He never argued with shopkeepers regarding price rather walked away if didn’t agree with quality or price. He never hurt any one with words or deeds; he was a very God fearing soul.

His teachers always gave him chance to deliver lectures for his lectures left infinite impression.

His words were so impressive and influential that even the visitors attentively focused on. He esteemed his country and could not stand any word against it.

He was once sleeping with his head phone set on his ears in Quetta . The officer was remitting message through wireless head phone he had set on his ears. An officer thinking Aziz was sound asleep moved towards him to wake him. But he was stunned to see Aziz replying to the message. On asking Aziz replied that his body was sleeping but his mind was wide awake. Aziz no doubt had exceptional qualities.

Similarly lecture was in progress on intelligence. Aziz seemed unfocused, listening. The officer checked him. Aziz politely told him that he was fully attentive. The officer demanded him to repeat what was presented in lecture. To everybody’s surprise Aziz narrated the lecture word by word.


2 Responses to "Aziz Bhatti Shaheed part 2"

What a gift Aziz is in your story! I’ll be back to read the next writing.


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