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Major Aziz Bhatti Shaheed

Posted on: October 1, 2012



Very long ago there lived a man Muhammad Abdullah with his wife near Jhelum. Due to unemployment he immigrated to Hong Kong.

Luckily he got job in Naval Police. Abdullah didn’t feel satisfied with his job so he tried to get some other work. After all he engaged himself in schooling. Teaching just well-matched his nature.

Time passed swiftly. Allah blessed him with 5 sons and 2 daughters.  All of his children were respectful and courteous. Abdullah’s wife was very careful about nurturing her children. Out of seven Aziz was an especially God gifted child. He was different from other siblings. He was very openhanded and kind hearted with a serene temperament. Whenever his father coached him Aziz was always short of pencil or other stationery. He lent his possessions happily to the needy children. His parents never scolded him for giving away his things. So the habit of sharing became part of his character.

Aziz was very sensitive and observant boy. He learnt something from whatever he observed or came across with. He absorbed all the positive effects from his environment.

Vast meadows, sky high mountains and captivating sea affected Aziz immensely. He was headstrong like mountains, open-minded like sea, affectionate and friendly like meadows. His nick name was Raja but he was also called Chai which means innocent child in Chinese language.

He was once riding his cycle when he got intuition that his teacher was at his back. In fact there was no way of his teacher being on the same route but Aziz had the sixth sense. So after some time Aziz wished his teacher good day without even looking back.

Aziz shared domestic responsibility with his mother and helped his sisters in little errands.

On one occasion the boys gathered in the ground to decide which game to play. Aziz was relaxing against a tree. One of the boys remarked that Raja is so carefree that he is sleeping. Raja Aziz repeated the dialogues which amazed all boys. His mind was alert all the time.


2 Responses to "Major Aziz Bhatti Shaheed"

This keeps me in suspense, especially how children can be so different from their siblings. I can see myself here.


Readers may like to read this article about Major Bhatti—


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