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To move on water, was difficult though

Make home in solitude, was difficult too;

It’s a captive ‘dream like a house of oyster

To convert a drop to a pearl is difficult too;

Wish for a hurricane in this deserted land

To surpass each wave, was difficult though;

He had a heart of iron, flower like, my heart

To lovingly soften his heart was difficult too;

Feet were chained, each dream was guarded

To update him about myself was difficult too;

Innocent was a wish, to have, my sweet home

To put across my stand, was difficult though!




One day a starving to death, dog, stole a piece of meat from a butcher’s shop. He looked for a safe place where he could eat it easily. He knew a safe place across the river. Whenever he wanted to eat something unseen by other dogs, he used to go his picky hiding cave.

But for that he had to cross the river on the bridge.

While walking on the bridge with meat in his mouth, he saw his own reflection in water below. He thought his image to be another dog with a piece of meat. He being a greedy dog, decided to have that also piece of meat too. So, he barked to frighten the dog in the river to take its piece of meat too.

The moment the greedy dog opened his mouth, the piece of meat dropped from his mouth and fell into the river. His pitch clogged up. When he looked below in water, he saw a dog standing with nothing in his mouth!

He lost his own meat too.



A bird in hand is better than two in a bush


The raven (a crow like bird with black feathers) lived in a small valley with his family. He picked up small worms and weeds from the grass and in water for his livelihood.

But whenever he saw a swan fluttering its pure white beautiful feathers in a nearby pool, he felt envy and very unhappy. He would then, dislike his  coal black feathers more.

He would say to him, “What makes the swan so white and beautiful?” “Does water have magical qualities to turn one’s feather from black to white?”

So, one day he made up his mind to go to the far off lagoons and ponds to wash his feathers. He wanted to have his feathers  also  as white and fine-looking as swans.

The raven left his comfortable home and went to the pools and rivers. There he washed his feathers many times, but all in vain. His feathers remained as black as ever. It was so heartbreaking for him that he turned into a skinny raven just in a few days.

He could not bear his despair thus, died.


A change of scene doesn’t change one’s character.









One day mother placed candies, nuts, chocolates, toffees and filberts in a jar to distribute among children on her son’s birthday party along with other goody bags. She did not tell her children about all this. But her youngest boy saw her hiding the container, from, behind the door.

The boy anxiously waited for his mother to go out of the home so he could enjoy the feast all by himself. So, when she left the house for marketing, the boy got a chance to fulfill his craving.

He dragged a stool to the cupboard where his mother had put the treasure. Though standing on the stool, Ali had to stand on his toes to put his hand in the jar. He was only a four years old kid.

Ali put his hand into a large container and greedily took as many as his hand could possibly hold. But when he tried to pull it out, he could not, as the opening of the jar was not big enough for his fist.

Ali was not willing to lose any, yet unable to take out his hand.  He began to cry.  He angrily complained about his hard fortune. His big brother, Bilal had been watching him right through.  So giving a sensible advice said: “Hold only half of the quantity, my boy, and you will easily succeed.”


Moral of the story:

Half a loaf is better than no bread.


That was the moment of comfort

It tiptoed into chamber of my heart

Covered up   depressing still nights

Of whose smell, even hate boomed

Momentous eyes sparkled———–

It wasn’t a long journey

It wasn’t a heart’s wound;

That was the moment of comfort

 I was scattering bit by bit

Gleamed in urn of sorrows;

That all of a sudden, no one knows

How, he slid down in my beliefs

He wasn’t a long chastisement

It was, a drop of awareness

That moment was finer than eons,

That was the moment of comfort




In olden times people lighted their homes with oil lamps. The trunks and big stems of the plants were used as candles.

There was one candle, in the house, which was the largest and most beautiful among all candles. It needed large quantity of thick oil. So it used to feeling proud to be, the most shining candle.

     One day it announced before a large gathering that it is brighter than the sun, the moon, and the stars.

Suddenly, gusts of wind flashing through the window blew it off.

The servant who lighted it said: “Shine now, dear candle! Think before you speak as there is no wind strong enough to blow out the lights of heaven.”



Think before you speak !

Once upon a time there was a man who had a wild and  mischievous dog  Though he tried to train and tame his dog but in vain.  One day the dog bit a poor servant out of mischief. To get rid of the nasty dog, his master was taking him to, far off forest to leave him there. Seeing this, his neighbor suggested: “That’s not the correct way friend. To tame such a wild animal is to fix a chain around his neck and attach a heavy wooden block to the end of it. That will stop him from biting and disturbing others.”

Agreeing with his neighbor the master did the same.

Next day the dog, looking at his wooden block went down to market place, shaking and making rowdy sound to attract everyone’s attention as protest.

An old dog came near him and said, “If I were in your place I would make less noise and not draw people’s attention like you.”

Wearing a strap is a mark of fame and not a symbol of shame!”



Some people often mistake cheap publicity for fame


A rich man employed a groom for his horses. A groom is a person who brushes and cleans horses. That groom was not a good man.  He was hard working but very selfish and cunning. He treated animals very ruthlessly.

He rubbed and brushed the horses mercilessly.

He often took away the horse’s grain and sold in the village without his master’s permission. The horse got less to eat.   The horse got weaker and weaker. Thus he was unhappy with the groom.

One day the horse said to him; “If you really care for me then give me less of your brushing and more of your corn”

The groom laughing at the horse slyly took away the grain.

His master before now worried to see his horse getting weaker, but he didn’t know the reason.

He was watching all that from his attic. He saw the ill-treatment  of the groom himself.  So he came to know the reason of his horses’ problem. He came down and turned him out of his job.


Moral of the story ——-

What you sow, so shall you reap!



Once upon a time there was a kind farmer. He lived with his four small children near his farmyard. He was very hardworking and an honest man.

He had a labor that was very lazy and careless. He only loved to eat and sleep whenever he got time.

One rainy day his master asked him to take the stack of hay to the city to sell.

The labor, John, being easygoing drove the wagon hastily along a muddy road.  The wheels got jammed in the clay. Even the horses could no longer pull the load.

The Wagoner got down, and without making any effort to free the cart from the mud, began to pray for Hercules, (the god of strength) to come and help him out of his trouble.

But Hercules, irritated by the man’s laziness, called down from above: “Get up, lazy person! Instead of asking help from heavens, put your shoulder to the wheel.”

The labor had no other option but to follow the advice 🙂



God helps those who help themselves.


Don’t leave me isolated!

Don’t go, leaving me, isolated —!  

Don’t endeavor me for lifetime;

Why I be, looking for you always

 Seek  for me  in the desert of leeway

Time may not silently sashay away

Hum with the harmony of moment;

Heart is gloomy ever since, sundown

Don’t remind me of sundown’s vow

Who so ever keeps in mind again?

 Embrace me, to furnish, need of time  

Shaista’ Mufti’s poetry

translated by Tanveer  Rauf

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