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Chilly (end)

Posted on: September 28, 2012

Englishman: “Hmm, it means you have to be reminded of the first blow again. So now take this.” He punched hard on Chilly’s face.

Chilly failing to balance him fell flat on all fours.

Chilly got to his feet, shrugged his shoulders feeling elated that his English language was processing.

Next day he lamely walked to Chef’s home again to relate the   previous day’s event.

Chef added one more word of English in Chilly’s vocabulary, “EXCELLENT”.

Chilly was going back home from Chef when he heard someone calling his name. He turned back to find out. A boy came closer and told him that an Englishman is waiting for him the restaurant nearby.

Chilly went to the restaurant and saw the same Englishman who had twice beaten him. The Englishman was looking very disheartened. When he saw Chilly, he got up, embracing him said: “O, my brother I beat you cruelly. I was very unkind to you. Allah is unhappy with me.

Allah penalized me by taking my only son. My only son is dead. I can’t bear this loss. Please forgive me’’.

Chilly could not understand a single word Englishman said but he learnt a new word. So he thought it was the best time to use it.

Chilly delightedly: “Excellent, excellent.”

Englishman was wiping his tears when he heard Chilly saying, excellent. He looked surprisingly at Chilly.

Chilly thought Englishman is happy to hear so he repeated, “Excellent, excellent.”

One can imagine very well the reaction of Englishman. Abusing Chilly the Englishman brutally beat Chilly. The people present in hotel hardly saved Chilly form Englishman’s clutch.

Chilly went home all bruised and broken. It took him days to recover from physical wounds and depression.

He then promised not to speak English ever.

It is rightly said that a little knowledge is dangerous.




4 Responses to "Chilly (end)"

sometimes it can bring havoc, as you have very correctly said.


Thank you for reading and for comments:)


neem hakeem khatra-e- jan


true 🙂


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