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Sheikh Chilly Learnt English

Posted on: September 26, 2012

The story you are going to read now is of pre-colonial India (before the British invaded). But, they had started frequent business visits to and from India.

Fascinated Sheikh Chilly was fond of watching blue eyed, fair complexion and golden haired British, especially when they talked in English.  At that particular moment he desperately yearned to speak English and communicate with the British in their language.

Sheikh Chilly met a person who worked for English trader as a Chef.  He could speak and understand English to some extent. Mania for English language attracted Chilly to get close to Chef.

Chilly developed a great deal of regard for the Chef because he knew the language Chilly loved. To entertain Chef, Chilly struggled to do all that he possibly could. He brought small gifts for Chef and offered his services to do petty things for him to soften his heart.

After some time when Chilly felt that the Chef had become lenient he requested him to teach English. At first the chef was reluctant and showed his attitude disappointing poor Chilly.  But steady beseeching at last produced positive results.

The Chef agreed to teach English to Chilly.

The first word he taught Chilly was, (yes).

Sheikh Chilly was so thrilled that he could speak English.   So he decided to speak English only while he is in the market or out of home.

The next day he went to the greengrocer shop.

Greengrocer: “What would you like to buy Brother Sheikh Chilly; potatoes, bitter gourds, cabbage, turnips?”

Chilly: “Yes?”

Green grocer was so bewildered to hear Chilly say such strange words.

Green grocer: “Will you please speak Urdu. I can’t understand what you said before?”

Chilly was headstrong to speak nothing but English no matter what.

Chilly with eyes bulging out with anger said: “yes.”

Getting irritated the green grocer weighed all four veggies mentioned above and handed them over to Chilly.

Chilly after making the payment moved onward.

He felt himself on top of the world having spoken English with the green grocer.

Lost in the utopian of his own and unaware of his surrounding, he had a collision with an Englishman.

The things dropped from Englishman’s hands and scattered on the road rolling down.

The Englishman in fury: “O, fool can’t you see. You have toppled my stuff. Shouldn’t I give you a hard punch on your face so you can see clearly?”

Sheikh Chilly felt honored that English man is talking to him in English so he self-importantly replied: “Yes.”

Englishman surprisingly: “Okay, take this now.”

He gave him a hard blow. The push and blow were so hard that Chilly failed to balance himself thus fell flat in a soiled marshy ditch with his veggies.

A wandering cow did full justice to the veggies scattering all around Chilly. It ate them all leaving Chilly gaze in grief and relief.


10 Responses to "Sheikh Chilly Learnt English"

haha very funny & interesting.


pic is really looks like sheikh chilly


Haha, that was interesting and funny.


Thank you Nandni ji:) i will post the rest of the story tomorrow inshaAllah


Nandni how are you and where are you. I wish you health happiness and success. ameen. miss your comments 🙂


poor Sheikh chilli


that was a rude guy!


yeah he was very rude and poor sheikh Chilly was innocent one 🙂


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