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Titu’s Mother (last part)

Posted on: September 25, 2012

Pomi: “Oh my baby, Titu darling.” “Ti—tu —- oh my son Titu, come to me my baby”

Titu hearing his mother’s call could not control his sentiments.

Titu replied back“mama—-mom, oh mom, where are you, feel me mom”

The strong iron bars were a barrier between Pomi and Titu.

Pomi tried to hit the bars of the cage with her trunk to free her son. But to her disappointment big Lorries came with uniformed guards and halted near them. The guards had guns. They shot Pomi withsedating darts. Pomi got unconscious. Chuchu was watching with soggy eyes. He felt pity for Pomi but he was helpless.  Chuchu hid himself behind a crack in the wall.

The guards then putting heavy chains in Pomi’s feet locked her in one of the cages.

Pomi felt good when she came to her senses for she was close to her son Titu.

Nothing is worth and satisfying for a mother than to be close to her child.



1 Response to "Titu’s Mother (last part)"

Absolutely beautiful and truthful that mothers will do anything to be with their young.


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