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Titu’s Mother (contd)

Posted on: September 24, 2012

Pomi: “But how did you come to know about his imprisonment?”

Aunt Fox: “Chuchu came to my den today early in the morning and told me.”

“Fortunately Chuchu has noted the address of the location where Titu is caged.”

Pomi: “I can’t see Chuchu anywhere. Where is he?”  “Will he take me to Titu?” “I want to embrace and hug my baby”

“Do the human beings feed my Titu or has he been hungry since then?” “Is he safe there?”

“I want to go myself to free him from their captivity.”

Pomi was very impatient and keen to get Titu back home.

Aunt Fox replied: “Chuchu’s wife is unwell so he’s gone back to his home.”

Aunt Fox: “Chuchu said that if Pomi wishes to go he could assist her and guide her.”

Sardar Trumpet was listening to all this talk happily. He advised Pomi to avoid going to the human locality as it is very unsafe and they might get into trouble.

He said: “Pomi just pray that where on earth Titu is, he might manage to live on happily.”

Pomi was a mother; she shed tears silently, unseen, unfelt——

Sardar Trumpet, her husband, saw her. He held her, wiped her tears and comforted her with kind words. He gave her some juicy sugar canes that he had kept hidden from others, to lessen her heartache.

Pomi slept that night peacefully after 3 days of constant waking. Early the next morning she set off with Chuchu to look for Titu.

They crossed plains, small hills, lakes and ponds and kept moving with passion and without a break.

Chuchu was clever to mount on Pomi’s back.

Nothing could stop Pomi from advancing forward.

Only a mother can do this tirelessly.

After two days of nonstop walking they finally reached where Titu was imprisoned.

After passing through a lush green compound, Pomi was surprised to see strange animals walking on two feet.


4 Responses to "Titu’s Mother (contd)"

This is beautiful and I can feel the motherly instinct to search at all cost for the baby.


Humbly I thank you for encouraging me with your kind remarks:)


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