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Englishman: “Hmm, it means you have to be reminded of the first blow again. So now take this.” He punched hard on Chilly’s face.

Chilly failing to balance him fell flat on all fours.

Chilly got to his feet, shrugged his shoulders feeling elated that his English language was processing.

Next day he lamely walked to Chef’s home again to relate the   previous day’s event.

Chef added one more word of English in Chilly’s vocabulary, “EXCELLENT”.

Chilly was going back home from Chef when he heard someone calling his name. He turned back to find out. A boy came closer and told him that an Englishman is waiting for him the restaurant nearby.

Chilly went to the restaurant and saw the same Englishman who had twice beaten him. The Englishman was looking very disheartened. When he saw Chilly, he got up, embracing him said: “O, my brother I beat you cruelly. I was very unkind to you. Allah is unhappy with me.

Allah penalized me by taking my only son. My only son is dead. I can’t bear this loss. Please forgive me’’.

Chilly could not understand a single word Englishman said but he learnt a new word. So he thought it was the best time to use it.

Chilly delightedly: “Excellent, excellent.”

Englishman was wiping his tears when he heard Chilly saying, excellent. He looked surprisingly at Chilly.

Chilly thought Englishman is happy to hear so he repeated, “Excellent, excellent.”

One can imagine very well the reaction of Englishman. Abusing Chilly the Englishman brutally beat Chilly. The people present in hotel hardly saved Chilly form Englishman’s clutch.

Chilly went home all bruised and broken. It took him days to recover from physical wounds and depression.

He then promised not to speak English ever.

It is rightly said that a little knowledge is dangerous.




Grief was natural for he was hurt but the relief was due to communicating English with an Englishman.

He got home with spoiled clothes and mud all over his hands and face. His mother shouted at him in anger and inquired of his awful condition.

Chilly proudly: “Don’t look at my physical condition mama. Just imagine what your son did today! O, mama, I talked in English with an Englishman.

He tried to fight with me but I let him go thinking I shouldn’t give any importance to ignorant people like him.”

Enraged mother yelled:  “To hell with you, and your Englishman!  I am not going to cook anything for you now. Eat English and fill your tummy. You have wasted time and money both. So get lost.”

Chilly went to the Chef the following day and told him all about the previous day’s incident.

In return the Chef taught him another word, “NO”.

Chilly was roaming about aimlessly when he came across the same Englishman.

English man, seeing him asked him mockingly: “You are the same fool I assume who got a punch from me and you fell in a ditch.”

Chilly smilingly replied: “NO”.

The story you are going to read now is of pre-colonial India (before the British invaded). But, they had started frequent business visits to and from India.

Fascinated Sheikh Chilly was fond of watching blue eyed, fair complexion and golden haired British, especially when they talked in English.  At that particular moment he desperately yearned to speak English and communicate with the British in their language.

Sheikh Chilly met a person who worked for English trader as a Chef.  He could speak and understand English to some extent. Mania for English language attracted Chilly to get close to Chef.

Chilly developed a great deal of regard for the Chef because he knew the language Chilly loved. To entertain Chef, Chilly struggled to do all that he possibly could. He brought small gifts for Chef and offered his services to do petty things for him to soften his heart.

After some time when Chilly felt that the Chef had become lenient he requested him to teach English. At first the chef was reluctant and showed his attitude disappointing poor Chilly.  But steady beseeching at last produced positive results.

The Chef agreed to teach English to Chilly.

The first word he taught Chilly was, (yes).

Sheikh Chilly was so thrilled that he could speak English.   So he decided to speak English only while he is in the market or out of home.

The next day he went to the greengrocer shop.

Greengrocer: “What would you like to buy Brother Sheikh Chilly; potatoes, bitter gourds, cabbage, turnips?”

Chilly: “Yes?”

Green grocer was so bewildered to hear Chilly say such strange words.

Green grocer: “Will you please speak Urdu. I can’t understand what you said before?”

Chilly was headstrong to speak nothing but English no matter what.

Chilly with eyes bulging out with anger said: “yes.”

Getting irritated the green grocer weighed all four veggies mentioned above and handed them over to Chilly.

Chilly after making the payment moved onward.

He felt himself on top of the world having spoken English with the green grocer.

Lost in the utopian of his own and unaware of his surrounding, he had a collision with an Englishman.

The things dropped from Englishman’s hands and scattered on the road rolling down.

The Englishman in fury: “O, fool can’t you see. You have toppled my stuff. Shouldn’t I give you a hard punch on your face so you can see clearly?”

Sheikh Chilly felt honored that English man is talking to him in English so he self-importantly replied: “Yes.”

Englishman surprisingly: “Okay, take this now.”

He gave him a hard blow. The push and blow were so hard that Chilly failed to balance himself thus fell flat in a soiled marshy ditch with his veggies.

A wandering cow did full justice to the veggies scattering all around Chilly. It ate them all leaving Chilly gaze in grief and relief.

Pomi: “Oh my baby, Titu darling.” “Ti—tu —- oh my son Titu, come to me my baby”

Titu hearing his mother’s call could not control his sentiments.

Titu replied back“mama—-mom, oh mom, where are you, feel me mom”

The strong iron bars were a barrier between Pomi and Titu.

Pomi tried to hit the bars of the cage with her trunk to free her son. But to her disappointment big Lorries came with uniformed guards and halted near them. The guards had guns. They shot Pomi withsedating darts. Pomi got unconscious. Chuchu was watching with soggy eyes. He felt pity for Pomi but he was helpless.  Chuchu hid himself behind a crack in the wall.

The guards then putting heavy chains in Pomi’s feet locked her in one of the cages.

Pomi felt good when she came to her senses for she was close to her son Titu.

Nothing is worth and satisfying for a mother than to be close to her child.


When those animals saw Pomi they got frightened and ran carelessly.

Pomi happened to see human beings for the first time.

Chuchu told Pomi that these animals are known as human beings.

Pomi had heard heroic deeds about human beings.  So Pomi thought that humans must be of huge muscular physique larger than elephants but it shocked Pomi to see such small and meek dwarfs like Lilliputians.  She enjoyed seeing those dwarfs moaning and running.

Chuchu was well aware of human beings and their brainpower so he asked Pomi to get away from that site as soon as possible.

Pomi followed Chuchu. They stopped by a brink of a lake.

Chuchu told Pomi that there’s a big populated place across the lake where human beings lived and her son Titu is caged there.

Chuchu: “listen Pomi, we must try to go to the place where Titu is captivated hurriedly, avoiding human beings. Free Titu and return as fast as we can. If we don’t take action fast we can get into great danger.”

“Our aim is only to free Titu and nothing else”  “Have you clearly understood what I have said Pomi?”

Pomi: “yeah Chuchu I fully agree with you. I will do exactly what you ask me to.”  “Let’s move”

Chuchu climbed on Pomi’s back. Pomi then stepping into crossed the lake.

Chuchu: “Pomi, now run as fast as you can no matter what, without looking here and there until I ask you to stop”

They entered the crowded and busy area. Heavy traffic and swarming of people harassed Pomi but she kept moving fast.

When people saw an enormous untamed elephant running madly they were frightened. Buses dashed, cars collided and people ran in panic. It was chaos all around.

Chuchu: “Turn right Pomi, run fast Pomi, come on run fast—–”

Chuchu: “Do you see the wall there on your left Pomi?”

Pomi: Panting heavily and without stopping, replied, “yeah Chuchu I see the high wall with iron fence”

Chuchu shouted: “We have to enter the gate.” Smash the gate Pomi and go forward”

Pomi hit the gate hard but it didn’t move an inch. Pomi bumped into it again. This time she hurt her knee badly but her motherly passion hit harder the third time and finally made it.

It was a big zoo. Pomi saw big cages with different kinds of animals in them. Some wild beasts like bears, lions, hippopotamus, rhinoceros, zebras, tigers etc and some were beautiful birds, larks, ostriches and antelopes with long knotted antlers. Well-maintained green paddocks were full with children, viewers and onlookers. Seeing a huge elephant stampeding people screamed and it created a horrifying sight. During all this puzzlement and confusion Pomi saw some elephants in a group.  A little further she saw Titu in one of the cages.

She repeatedly and impatiently called Titu in a husky voice with tears rolling down her eyes profusely.

Pomi: “But how did you come to know about his imprisonment?”

Aunt Fox: “Chuchu came to my den today early in the morning and told me.”

“Fortunately Chuchu has noted the address of the location where Titu is caged.”

Pomi: “I can’t see Chuchu anywhere. Where is he?”  “Will he take me to Titu?” “I want to embrace and hug my baby”

“Do the human beings feed my Titu or has he been hungry since then?” “Is he safe there?”

“I want to go myself to free him from their captivity.”

Pomi was very impatient and keen to get Titu back home.

Aunt Fox replied: “Chuchu’s wife is unwell so he’s gone back to his home.”

Aunt Fox: “Chuchu said that if Pomi wishes to go he could assist her and guide her.”

Sardar Trumpet was listening to all this talk happily. He advised Pomi to avoid going to the human locality as it is very unsafe and they might get into trouble.

He said: “Pomi just pray that where on earth Titu is, he might manage to live on happily.”

Pomi was a mother; she shed tears silently, unseen, unfelt——

Sardar Trumpet, her husband, saw her. He held her, wiped her tears and comforted her with kind words. He gave her some juicy sugar canes that he had kept hidden from others, to lessen her heartache.

Pomi slept that night peacefully after 3 days of constant waking. Early the next morning she set off with Chuchu to look for Titu.

They crossed plains, small hills, lakes and ponds and kept moving with passion and without a break.

Chuchu was clever to mount on Pomi’s back.

Nothing could stop Pomi from advancing forward.

Only a mother can do this tirelessly.

After two days of nonstop walking they finally reached where Titu was imprisoned.

After passing through a lush green compound, Pomi was surprised to see strange animals walking on two feet.


It was the third day of Titu’s disappearance. His mother Pomi had searched everywhere but failed to find him. It made her very sad and heartbroken. One day, she was weeping silently in a thicket of trees when she heard a familiar voice. Aunt Fox was asking Sardar Trumpet the head of elephants, about Titu’s mother, Pomi.

Sardar Trumpet advised her not to disturb Pomi, as she is below worried due to her lost son Titu.

When Pomi heard Titu’s name she could not resist so she moved forward to know what Aunt Fox knew about Titu.

Aunt Fox said that she knows where Titu is, that is why she is looking for Pomi.

Pomi was so fearful that she almost jolted Aunt Fox.

Pomi: “Aunt Fox, please tell me, where is my dear son. What do you know about him?” Where did you see him?  “How is he?”  “How can I get to him?”

Aunt Fox gasping deeply warned Pomi to move away as she crushed her ribs.

Aunt Fox told Pomi that her son Titu is hundreds of miles far away from the place where they were now. Moreover Titu is in custody of human beings.

Pomi was shocked. “He is a prisoner of humans?”  “How did Titu get into their custody?”

Aunt fox got annoyed of Pomi for asking so many questions all at the same time.

Aunt Fox said: “if you really want to know about him then have patience and let me explain.”

Aunt Fox related the whole story of how she met Titu and how Titu went in a train with the Rat Chuchu.  She warned Titu not to board the train. Even Chuchu asked Titu not to, but Titu did not pay any heed to it.

I am so happy to get this award. I feel grateful to be nominated for this award. Awards encourage and boost the energy to write more and to improve so to get more awards 🙂

Thanks a million



One day at dawn break Titu was going in search of water with his parents and family friends. Titu’s mother kept an eagle’s eye on him, since he was a playful baby. But Titu always tried to escape from his mother’s stern look. He saw his mother tête-à-tête something with his dad, Titu cleverly moved away. After a while his mother looked around for Titu and found him hiding behind thick bushes pounding stones. She grunted and thumped him with her tusks.

Titu got pleasure with his mother’s protective concern and affection. He cuddled in his mom’s tender trunk.

     The site where they went the last time had insufficient water to quench thirst and meet the need of water for all. So Titus’s father directed to proceed towards the northern part of the valley to look for water. So they started towards north.  They kept moving forward till midday and stopped near a lagoon to beat the heat and rest. All the elephants showered and decided to stay a while before going any further. His mother was taking a nap too so Titu took the chance and moved away quietly.   

He enjoyed wandering alone as a cloud. Titu stepped in the lagoon. He played and splashed water with his trunk. The twittering and hopping of birds and croaking of frogs were an enjoyment for Titu.

After some time he got bored, so he got out of the lagoon and followed wild rabbits, squirrels and lizards.

The twilight swiftly wrapping the whole scenario in darkness worried Titu. He didn’t know that he had come very far from the place where they stopped for rest near the lagoon. Titu got scared. He looked around for his mother.

He bawled for his mom desperately. Mama —–moa —-o mama but there was no mama to be seen anywhere around.

Titu longed for his mother’s warm thumps. He missed his mother’s intimacy. He wailed but in vain.

Grief-stricken Titu tried to think of the next move when all of a sudden he heard a loud hissing roar and tremors under his feet. He was stunned to see a long black anaconda with broad stripes winding in the woods. He got scared to death. His had heard that anacondas can gulp down baby elephants as a morsel! The sounds started to get closer, threatening Titu like hell. As it grew closer Titu saw a huge black fast moving monster. It whistled and smoked too. Titu closed his eyes with full belief that he will be swallowed in a while. The noise lessened. Titu slowly opened his eyes to find himself in the anaconda’s stomach. But to his surprise he was standing at the same spot. He opened his eyes in relief and looked down to see his feet but shuddered with fear again for the anaconda lay still in front of him. He could never think of anything but to run. He wildly ran towards the forest to hide him before the anaconda awoke and swallowed him. While running he heard a familiar voice from the distance. He stopped to look back. He could easily recognize her voice among thousands.

Aunt Fox was calling him. Aunt Fox used to visit Titus’s family once a fortnight or so. Aunt Fox was a friend of all animals. She went to every nook and corner and shared the rumors and news with all. The animals enjoyed her wittiness and information and waited anxiously for her visits. The baby animals especially waited for aunt fox to hear her stories about foreign animals and lands.

When she saw Titu running madly she called and asked him the reason for running and also inquired about his family. Her voice seemed soothing like rain in a desert. Titu shed tears and something choked in his throat so he could not utter a sound. He wanted to hide in aunt fox’s bosom but she yelled and asked him to keep away as he was so huge. His embrace could crush aunt fox’s ribs. Though he was a baby, he was still an elephant and it was difficult to take him in lap or embrace him.

She knew Titu was a naughty and carefree child of her friend Pomi the elephant. Titu only wept but failed to tell her the story of his thrilling run away.


I am deeply concerned  and strongly disapprove of, on the great loss of life and property today throughout Pakistan.

What makes me ashamed is the care free attitude of the religious scholars and political leaders. Not one leader was seen in the protest who could guide the mislead crowd. All day long they just watched on T. V in their homes.

The innocent agitated people were on the roads in such a hot day without a morsel of crumb or a drop of water. The ones who were protesting were same as the ones who were whipping and shelling tear gas on the protestors.

What was their crime after all? Love for their Prophet?  Or condemn the shameful disgusting movie?  

Did any religious head or political leader ever train their workers or believers how to react or how to protest? The answer as we all know is simple——NO—

So now they have no right to feel sorry for the life and property loss or the unpleasant way of protest. They are merely responsible for all that happened today.


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